Rudolf Löw, Der Tag der ist so freudenreich

The Sächsische Landes- und Universitätsbibliothek in Dresden posesses a manuscript of 12 organ compositions by Rudolf Löw's hand. It is his opus 1, which he dedicated to his teacher Carl Ferdinand Becker. Löw mostly emplois forms and procedures from the Baroque era with a harmonic language that is sometimes slightly romantic. Löw's choral prelude to "Der Tag der ist so freudenreich" is a powerful prelude with the choral melody as bass voice. The hands play the accompaniment, based on a motif that's presented in the opening bars of the composition and appears multiple times throughout the piece. The only critique I have on the piece it that the 12 bar introduction is 4 bars too long.

I chose to publish this particular composition today, because I feel it is indeed a day to celebrate. This publication is the 750th publication on my website. And it is almost the fifth aniversary of Partitura Organum. Almost 5 years ago, 16 february 2015, I published my first score (Heinrich Oberhoffer, Trio h moll). And I'm actually quite proud of what I have achieved since then. Since I started publishing scores I have done so since with a production rate of 150 new publications a year. On average that is one score every two and a half day. And though it isfun to do, it is also a lot of work. To prevent myself from burning out, I'm going to turn down my publication rate a bit. Perhaps one or two a week. That way I can still be active five years from now at the 10 year aniversary of Partitura Organum.

As the composition is so thourough Baroque in conception and realisation the recording was done on the sample set of the Müller-organ in the Sint Bavokerk in Haarlem by Voxus Organs for Hauptwerk.

Score available here:



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13.02.2020 20:40

Lovely work! I must learn it!

14.02.2020 13:28

Yes you should. It's a great piece to play!

14.02.2020 14:21

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