WOW I didn't expect that from steemmonsters

So today I was doing my quest. I was doing ok for the first couple games, but then I started to lose just when all I needed was one more win with the death sprinter.

I got knocked from 1976 down to 1866. I'm not too bothered as this happens all the time. I just keep pushing till I'm back up there but......


As you can see right now I am in silver 1 League, so that means if your summoner is a rare monster then the max level summoner you can use is 4.


here you can see how many places I got knocked down in just a few short matches


And then along came @smloty. I haven't got a problem with him or her, the problem I have is with the levels I got set with.


Can you see on this match he had a level eight Sea Monster which shouldn't be allowed.

Steemmonsters it a fantastic game but it does get frustrating when this happens, especially on a losing streak lol.

Am I missing something here

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