Tattoos: Meanings, Designs, Ideas, and Health Prevention


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Tattoos are Everywhere:

Tattoos is now become our inevitable part of life. We are surrounded by the tattoo lovers, even, many of them do not know why tattoos are so popular? I'm one of them. I always wonder how it feels while you have tattoos on your any body parts.

Will it hurts,itchy or anxiety-full?

Answer will be never known by me, until I'll get one. Let me share how others feel about the tattoo s, as every tattoo lovers have their own stories behind the curtain.

Tattoo Cream Kit:


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Contents of Kit:

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My First Tattoo:


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NFSW #REFS: Handmade tattoo

First Tattoo Ideas:Creative, Funky and Stylish Look:


Are you desperate for your first tattoo?

Let me share some basics about tattoos while having research. I'm going to share some helpful tips and guide-lines for your first time tattoo idea research.

Certain Things you must Do or Not to Do:

  • Find the tattoo shop near you with high audiences, must have quality work, so you can get better ideas from them.
  • Do not get tattoo from any immature artists,except any of a licensed, reputable one.
  • Do check 100 times about any text which you are going to use as a tattoo for accuracy, whether the text is in foreign languages or not.
  • Do not bring your family or friends to make place more crowded. That may spoil your tattoo process through disturbance.
  • Make sure before arrival at tattoo shop, you must have your tummy full or bring a sugary snack just in case.
  • Do not wear close-fitting or traditional clothes. As comfortable clothes are the key to maintain your patience for longer spending hours in tattoo shop.
  • You must aware about your pain tolerance. That make sense if you have low pain tolerance and you want highly complicated tattoo on your body. You should try your first tattoo with small size.
  • Do not bother or interfere with high strain works which affect on tattoo area, at least for week.

Popular Tattoo Lists:

popular tattoos.png

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Tattoo Style & Design:

Make sure you do some research what type of shape or text you want for your tattoo design. Every text has different meaning or cultural value about any symbols which you would like to make as your lifetime memory.

You might even change your mind in your last minute as well because nobody wants a unlikely tattoos on your body for lifetime. Besides that, style and designs are more important for tattoo. Even-though some style looks really catchy in first place, it may fade, and distort over time until they're unrecognizable.

According to Study, Women With Tattoos Have Higher Self-Esteem: (It just study....)


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I think "water-color" tattoos, micro tattoos and generally any soft/undefined tattoos are not great option. The water color doesn't have any solid line, therefore it may fade easily and eventually look kind of messy.

A micro tattoo will fade after about a year and it will basically just look like a blurred. These problems always occur with those tattoos which has either very thin lines or no lines at all.

Another thing to be careful about the place you would like to use for tattoo. For instance, if you have a career in industry where tattoos are not allow to show then it might give you a trouble or might get fired from job for only this reason.

Apart from that different part of body have different type of capacity of enduring pain for tattoo.

Must avoid anywhere with the joints.That included the knees, elbows, hand, feet, ankles, ribs, collarbone, and shoulder blades as well, for example.

A Decent Couple Tattoos: Indian Celebrities:


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Tattoo Art is Demanding & Serious Art:



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Prevention for The Tattoo Art:

  • Always follow the instructions, which has given by the tattoo artists during work.
  • Wrapped the part of tattoo and keep covering the area for at least one hour. After reach at home rinse with mild or cold water and do not scratch or ruff dragged with hand towel or paper.
  • Wear a comfortable clothes for whole day.
  • Wash tattoo with liquid soap only and dry with paper or gems-free towel. Do this activity two times a day.
  • Apply the lotion (ex: Vaseline Intensive Care) after every-time you wash it.
  • Protect the area while sleeping by wearing clean long sleeved shirt.
  • As long as healing is concern, it may take three whole weeks.
  • Try to wear 30+ SPF when outside (even in the rain or Winter).
  • You should avoid exfoliating the area for a while.
  • Extra Bonus: Time to time do shaving the area will make your tattoo look brighter and crisper (the hair blurs the area and makes your tattoo look fuzzy and more faded than it is).

Some Tattoos Art:


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NFSW Whole body cover with Tattoo


Thus, the moral of the story is that although tattoo is look dashing on anyone's body, but you need to take some preventive steps to overcome from detrimental outcomes.

Thank you for reading.



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