Trump Not Convincing Gop Voters To Oppose Impeachment Witnesses: Poll - Business Insider

Brex's $57 Million Pitch Deck | Business Insider Prime: Business Insider Prime

A buzzy startup raised $57 million from Peter Thiel and Y Combinator using these 19 slides. Get started by reading the full pitch deck.

Trump not convincing GOP voters to oppose impeachment witnesses: poll - Business Insider: Eliza Relman

48% of Republican voters are in favor of hearing new witnesses to testify during Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate, despite his opposition.

Deadly China Wuhan virus spreading human to human, officials confirm - Business Insider: Eliza Relman

The spread could accelerate as hundreds of millions of people prepare to travel home for the Lunar New Year holiday this week.

Netflix exec says 'interested' in a deal with Prince Harry and Meghan - Business Insider: Kieran Corcoran

A brief remark from Ted Sarandos, Netflix's Chief Content Officer, gestured to a possible deal like the one taken up by Barack and Michelle Obama.

Trump impeachment strategy: Lawyers want 'deficient' charges dismissed - Business Insider: Kelly McLaughlin, Sonam Sheth

During a background briefing, sources working with Trump's legal team said the charges are "frivolous and dangerous" but declined to provide details.

China Wuhan virus to get worse as Chinese New Year travels begin - Business Insider: Alexandra Ma

At least three people have already died from the Wuhan virus, or 2019-nCoV. Scientists say officials aren't doing enough to spot and prevent it.

WeWork SEC letters about contribution margin - Business Insider: Dakin Campbell

WeWork's lawyers successfully persuaded the SEC to let it use the widely panned non-GAAP financial metric known as contribution margin.

Davos: Guests use private jets, event says its active about climate - Business Insider: Sinéad Baker

Aviation is expected to contribute to 22% of our carbon emissions by 2050, the World Economic Forum says it is offsetting the event's jet emissions.

Microsoft employee explains 'Bedlam,' card game about working there - Business Insider: Ashley Stewart

The game has become a kind of living record of Microsoft, updated over the years to include incidents that make the news or circulates among insiders.

A Georgetown professor explains how Martin Luther King Jr. 'has been severely whitewashed' - Business Insider: Emmanuel Ocbazghi

Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson reveals what a lot of people get wrong about Martin Luther King Jr.

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