5 dollars in the DAEX exchange aidrop

5 dollars in the DAEX exchange aidrop

guys another very easy airdrop, DAEX exchange, you just need to have only email, you register and stay on the waiting list to earn your tokens, there are 5 dollars in tokens,
but before the questions come, remembering that aidrops has risks of not going as desired, so we don’t spend any money, and I advise not to buy ico blz tokens,
do it and it's free, if they launch great, if not patience and let's go to the next .link below


YOUTUBE CHANNEL👉http: //bit.ly/2vamrffyoutube

CANAL COSTV👉 http://bit.ly/2GdA3bHcostv


PAGE FACE 👉http: //bit.ly/2t227frparaiso

WANT TO LEARN Control Investment Cryptocurrency - Bullish Liberty

LINK👉http: //bit.ly/38U3xrkCVC

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