My diary game season 3// A fun Tuesday// 30-03-2021// by @paragonlily

Good morning honorable Steemitians
I want to tell us how my Tuesday went.
I woke up on that beautiful morning with excitement in my heart knowing that we are going for our workers/Over Comers Conference that day. I woke by 7:00am, said my morning prayers till 7:30, and I entered the bathroom, brushed my teeth and had my bath.After bathing, I wore my clothes. It was past 8 already.
Then I went to the park and boarded a tricycle(Keke) and getting to the Church premises I realized that we are not complete yet, then I went to a nearby restaurant to take my breakfast.


Around 11:30, we left Aba, Abia state to Owerri, Imo State, Grace Land to be precise for our camping. On our arrival everybody was excited to see us Cause that have been waiting. We all exchange pleasantries and moved to the prayer ground around 7pm and We prayed and Our Daddy had the word(preached) and it was pass 10 already then we moved to our various apartments and hard our baths. I was tired so I didn't bother to have dinner. I went to bed immeeldiately.
It was a fun Tuesday indeed.

Thanks for reading my diary today.

Best regards

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Great content you have here, continue creating original contents on steemit.

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01.04.2021 22:18

Wow I will meet you there.

02.04.2021 06:56

Hello @paragonlily. You really had a nice day and I love your braids. Thanks for sharing

06.04.2021 11:55