Major change is in the Air | Psychedelic Age 2.0 incoming


I have just returned from my first psy festival this year and taken in culmination with my recent moves into a new era of my life and all the feedback by friends and loved ones making similar transitions I can somewhat safely say that energetics have changed drastically and that things want out, to come to the surface - things we have long forgotten or shut the door on. Not so much "things" as perspectives on things.

And to my amazement, psychedelics and the conscious opening up of one's perception of the happening (what we call 'reality') seems to be ever-increasing to degrees that I would not have deemed possible in recent years...

As I have yet to write about in more detail in the coming days, psychedelics have made somewhat of a strong but long-overdue comeback, not only into my life but into that of my close friends. It's almost like the mushrooms want to be heard - an almost palpable attraction to go into dialogue with them and other similar compounds is increasing while the doses keep decreasing constantly as more information is relayed through less and less of a physical medium. It feels like less translation is needed between psychedelic tools and the human mind as compared to mere years ago...

eing on the psychedelic playground that is Antaris festival was a strong and impactful experience and for a moment I was thankful that I merely microdosed that day - sensory and information overload as humanity and the conscious field seem to come closer to a threshold of some kind.

What that threshold is I am not sure about but I do notice these patterns lately and with the tornado of change that has been gripping my life and that of my close human beings of all relationship types, I would almost bet that some sort of new psychedelic age is upon us and right around the corner.

Not because it is prescribed or hyped by the same old gang using it for their own purposes but rather: Because we may finally be mature enough to handle the truth and interpret it in our own way, without any human priests, coercion or blind faith in self-appointed authorities.

If the psychedelics call you do take all necessary precautions and be responsible AND: You actually may want to heed their call. I think they want to show us something we have been putting off for way too long <3


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I know, i am going for nothing but
the truth.
But i don't know if humanity is mature
enough... let's hope the best.
You are not talking about the Age of Aquarius,
are you..?

14.07.2019 18:38

The truth will be more than enough. Never been a fan of running with other people's terms and definitions much. It may be laid out in the stars but since I doubt most of the cosmology we have been taught I am not sure it is useful hanging on to the concept of age of Aquarius. Too much confusion and coercion with those terms.

I am simply making some observations and share them with my close friends who share theirs. And it really does seem like we are in a massive transformation. I am also becoming more and more convinced that not everyone will come along this time. Some people seem ready and respond to the dynamics of change and transformation through action, others seem as happy as ever to live in a world full of illusions and coercion with the same old lies and myths the power structure has upheld for millenia...

I am a psychedelics maximalist and I really see their respectful and careful use as one of the failsaves for helping people to see how they have been had. And psychedelics seem to make a comeback in a most peculiar & direct manner that no system of control and domination could hope to survive. Unless they suffocate and twist it early on as they have done.

I really do hope humanity is mature enough as well but as I said I no longer believe everyone will come along and choose a present and aware life on the untrodden path. I also feel that's quite alright as long as the ones looking for answers and themselves are not hindered in doing so.

cheers for your comments luca <3

15.07.2019 11:24

Greetings. Thanks for your answer.
Yes, i agree... a natural selection is taking place...
"Many more will have to suffer, many more will have
to die, don't ask me why..." (Bob Marley; Natural Mystic)

15.07.2019 13:05

One of my favorite Marley tracks. Well, you are here, I am here - guess this IS going somewhere. I chose I want to trust it. Universe smarter than individuals are <3

15.07.2019 14:17

Yesir... let's flow ;)
Be water my friend

15.07.2019 14:24

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