Another Papillon Miracle. Day 1.


This was our promise that the day would be great!

Day 1 of the free trauma training course for child workers!

The free trauma training course started today and we were on our nerves since we awoke very early this morning. Many attempts by others to offer skills training courses before have failed due to almost zero attendance and we didn't know if our efforts would result in the same failure.
Let me show you a real miracle!


This was the sight as we neared the training venue.
Early morning wet fairy rain and the sun peeping over the mountains!


The venue was ready and it was time for prayers and the hope that some of the people would arrive!


Well, here is the miracle, we had a full house!
Even the empty front seats were filled later on by late arrivals!


Social workers of all races arrived including teachers, pastors, school principals, counselors and many other professions that work with children!


All of these people work with children from ages 0 to 14 and there is a dire need for quality accredited training. The fact that the training was free drew them like a magnet.
But of course, there is so much more behind it as there is a real need in the communities.


They all face very tough problems every day in difficult circumstances, as un-employment, gang warfare, drugs and alcohol ruin many young lives!


But the great news is that they are all dedicated child workers and it is our blessing to be able to empower them with skills that will enhance their thankless and sacrificial efforts to help the children!


This is section of the informal township in the area and the people that live here are seasonal farm laborers, their families, back yard dwellers and un-employed persons migrating inward to search for work!

The latest population stats here show that there are 30,302 children ages 0-14 in the area. More than 80% of these children are poor and they live under haggard circumstances.
This is what makes Papillon's work so important in this area.

Stats source:

It is not easy for us due to a lack of resources, but we make a plan and in this case Papillon formed a partnership with 5 other Non Profits that are just as poor as Papillon is.
Together we have made it work and according to me, this is all that counts!

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16.09.2019 16:06

Great cause and report. I wish you a lot of future success in the area and in other areas.

16.09.2019 16:07

It's posts like these, as well as the people behind them such as yourselves, that give me hope for the world. Thank you for sharing this miracle with us, @papilloncharity!

16.09.2019 16:27

And thank you also for your wonderful support Lady Traci.
Without Twitter there was no way that our post could be shared, but there was a way indeed and its name was Traci.
Once again thank you!

16.09.2019 18:38


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16.09.2019 16:59

Posts like this are so refreshing I was praying that this course would get good attendance and you not only got that but a full house, thats amazing

Thanks for all you do and making the world a better place


16.09.2019 17:04

Thank you for your kind support and the tip JJ.
We are some of those strange breeds that do the things that make them happy.
It is called being led by the heart.
Blessings to you guys my friend!

16.09.2019 18:45

Most welcome and yes I think those like us who are lead by our hearts sleep more soundly than those led by the wallet

16.09.2019 19:20
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16.09.2019 17:05

I am so happy to see all of these people:)You do not need miracles, you are making miracles with your hard work, devotion and positivity:)

16.09.2019 17:14

Thank you Sir George and what we have found is that if the mind is willing, the heart will lead.
We are indeed very happy tonight my friend.

16.09.2019 18:47
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16.09.2019 17:46

Thank you kindly!

16.09.2019 18:49

Great thing you have going on there, @papillioncharity. Glad to hear it got some traction too.

16.09.2019 17:55

Thank you my friend and believe me when I say that we are in the clouds about this.
If even one little suffering child can be helped resulting from this project I will be happy and I am sure that many children are going to benefit.

16.09.2019 19:00

That is wonderful to see so many people working together to make children's lives better, Stephen!

16.09.2019 18:46

You are certainly an amazing and very special person Lady Melinda.
Not only do you help us with auto-voting, but you also pop in to give us extra tips.
It is people like you that give us hope for the future.
Please know that you are sincerely appreciated!

16.09.2019 18:57
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16.09.2019 18:47

That really is a beautiful thing. I'm so happy for you. The beautiful sunrise was a harbinger of good things to come.

16.09.2019 19:45

Thank you my friend and that sunrise was indeed a great omen.
Glad that you appreciated the post!

17.09.2019 19:50

I am so happy for you and also very happy that you have bought this child trauma training to those that are in the thick of things working with the children! Well done!
It sounded like a wonderful day right from the very beginning with the rainbow and rising sun - awesome photos!
Keep up the good work and looking forward to hearing about more that you do over there in South Africa!

16.09.2019 21:26

Thank you! Yes, the rainbow was a sure omen that the heavens were happy!

17.09.2019 20:02

That's just great work! Children really are our future, and it's great to see this recognised and helped. Thank you!

17.09.2019 01:09

Thank you for your encouragement. We try to do our best with what we have. For sure - children are indeed the root to start from!

17.09.2019 20:05

I'm so happy for you that people came to your training. I am sorry there are so many children in need in the community. Best of luck to you and the other non-profits pooling resources to help so many people.

17.09.2019 01:46

Thank you so much! Glad that you appreciate it. Like minded non-profits - not threatened by each other - is the solution to fighting a myriad of problems.

17.09.2019 20:06

i love the word you're speading here trough these, gave people acces to tools and information, and tools to get information are the best we can do to help the entire globe to heal. thank you!.

17.09.2019 02:56

For sure! Why live for ourselves...when we can help others? What is better than that? Healing for the nations - yes! Thanks.

17.09.2019 20:11

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17.09.2019 05:21

Thank you sincerely @c-squared and @priyanarc
Blessings to your work!

18.09.2019 07:50

Beautiful rainbow @papilloncharity you centered that photo perfectly. 👍 Excellent job.

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17.09.2019 05:25

Oh wow! Thanks so much!
A rainbow in the misty morning. What a start to the day.

17.09.2019 20:13

What an amazing project. Thank you for your good work!

17.09.2019 05:43

It is an honour to serve others. It is a blessing to be able to do so. Thank you.
Best wishes...

17.09.2019 20:14

Wonderful turn out Stephen, nurturing young minds with love and much needed attention, each of these social workers will be able to go out and work with more confidence and love in their hearts.

17.09.2019 10:13

That is exactly the outcomes that we are looking for Lady Joan.
I did a short talk with the class today about the importance of care in a child's life. If you handle a child in a routine manner, they will feel the non care and it will mean nothing to them. But the opposite is true when one really focus on a child in loving care. (especially the hard cases)
Let's hope that we have sown the seeds.

17.09.2019 20:28

Let us hope this has a domino affect, helping lots of little ones to find their feet in life Stephen.

18.09.2019 10:00

In our prayers Lady Joan, in our prayers.
All that we can do is to sow the seeds.

18.09.2019 13:30

Great news! Miracles do happen.

17.09.2019 10:20

Thank you Lady Fiona, and it is now finished.
We pray that many little ones will benefit from this.

17.09.2019 20:30

Yay!!! This is wonderful @papilloncharity :) The rainbow and the sunrise says it all! What a successful training session. Sharing meaningful information to the workers who serve our young children is priceless. Well done!! Blessings to you and your family, we are so grateful for your work.

17.09.2019 12:06

Wow! Thank you for the kind comment my friend.
Day 2 of the course is done and there were many tears of joy at the certificate presentations.
These child workers are great and loving people and it is always a pleasure to work with them. Many little lost souls stand to benefit.
Blessings also to you and yours!

17.09.2019 20:34

What a great miracle and a great work started! Praise God! This is fantastic.

18.09.2019 05:01

Oh yeah Sir @janton, all praises to Him.
Blessings to you guys and thank you!

18.09.2019 08:11

@papilloncharity thank you for the great work you do for the people. I wish there were more people like you in the world...God bless

18.09.2019 10:56

Thank you for the kind words my friend.
We only do what we can with what we have.

18.09.2019 13:31

I could use Some counseling 😢

18.09.2019 19:46

Have you then no one to open up to my friend?
Sadly we are far away, but if you want to talk I am on discord for a DM conversation out of the limelight.

19.09.2019 16:38

Glad you had a great responds on the talk. It always feels great to have a full house, means people are interested!

19.09.2019 14:18

Exactly my friend and the fact that there is a great need here by children in a very violent society speaks volumes about the care of these students.
They will certainly go on to help many traumatized little ones.

19.09.2019 17:40

Blessing to you and gave a wonderful weekend!

20.09.2019 09:07