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My new entry in my Sirial Choice is Batwoman

Let's start with the Basic

All Start with Kate Cousin of Bruce Wayne ( The know Batman )

Is Returning in Gotham after years

First we see the Family

The Father ( Jacob )

The Step-Mother ( Katherine )

The Step-Sister ( Mary )

We also see some Flashbacks for the early years of Kate

The Mother and Sister have die in a car crash which Batman couldn't save her mother and sister

The Story continue with many questions and meanings

only if you see it you would understand it

Every episode is the continue of last one but with new story to see

My Biggest question yet not answer
Which is where is Batman?
( Bruce Wayne )

Still this question make see the story and Continue until the end ( who still not come yet )

Now i will write about some episodes I see and really make me to feel speechless

This is the Good of Sirial

Can make you feel something else for your regular life


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