Collage Contest 3. The living death

Collage Contest 3.

I have made a collage using different elements, bright colors, human skull with cat eyes peeking through his eyes, the print is an essential part of the designs, this carnival season has been my inspiration. Bringing visual strength and giving it a creative touch, the combination with the rest of the colors and giving only black and white in its mouth is key to succeed in achieving the harmony of the collage.

The carnivals, whose definition is no longer a position that could be said to be what you want them to be, many seek tranquility, and others go out to celebrate.


Sources of the images for the creation of the collage. Images without copyright.


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Very beautiful and creative:)Thank you so much for your entry:)


23.02.2020 18:08


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Wonderful. Evocative. Reminded of the movie Black Orpheus

25.02.2020 22:14