Your hidden-self

When I look into life and consider myself, I see someone different. The person they say I am is different from the person I see myself to be. So now, is it their selves or myself?


We look for ourselves in people so much that we forget that we are the people who knows ourselves quite well. Your instincts and other things that comes in your mind about you is what you are, accepting it doesn’t necessary mean you are proud of yourself but it’s being a stepping stone for your future.

I know listening to someone tell you more about yourself is the best feel but you also have to realize that, there are some part of you that you don’t know about. Those people only tell you what they see not what is hidden in you. One secret is, the most important part of an individual is the parts you don’t have any idea about. So, before you can get success easy you have to find a way to unleash that hidden part of you.


They say, the enemy to fight is not the enemy outside but the enemy within. Before you can defeat that enemy, you get to know all the hidden things that seek to pull you down. Building courage is one thing people don’t have. You have to know that the person you are seeing successful today needed that courage but only got it from within, that’s what we call self-motivation. You can only motivate yourself if you know what you have in you, if not it will be a hell of a mess.

Motivational speeches don’t do anything to you. But it really affects the hidden part of you which at that particular moment you see someone different. Giving it sometime it seems you go back to who you use to be. What you have to keep always is, if you don’t make the effort to bring that your hidden self out, it will really be difficult to move on your way to success.

Even though considering peoples thought before acting is good but you have to also know that no matter what you do, they will still talk. Your mentality is to you but know that sometimes what you think is what runs through everybody’s minds so don’t be afraid to show that part of you because it’s a part of you that you can’t run away from.

Knowing oneself is the most difficult questionnaire you can fill but just know that it can only help you alone and should be set and asserted by only you. Looking at cheating in it, it comes back to hurt only you so do it well. Knowing your hidden self is a must. Your way to success only becomes easier after you have been able to defeat the enemy within.


Hard work pays but which part of you is working hard. Is it the part you know or the part you don’t have any idea about?

Until the day you get the answer, you are not yet ready for success.

I wish you well in unleashing that part of you because your hidden self makes you.

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