To all new Writers!


Greetings everybody. I can’t say I am a better writer, but I am good. I discovered I was a writer in high school and was quiet surprise. I couldn’t believe it, and I wanted to blush out. I relaxed and moved through that journey of writing.

Writing till today haven’t been easy. I have learnt we can learn from practice and always put your mind to learning new skills in writing. Writing is a skill of art we need to master. The easiest way to do that is to believe, practice and open up your mind to learning new things.

Ideas we write about come from what we have learnt. Do well to read books, watch movies or use your experiences in life to educate people in your writing. It’s just about how you start your script. As you write, the ideas come, just develop them and make sure your mind is open and anything can flow through.

That’s the little I can share with you. I am a new writer too. We all wish to grow. Take this little advice and develop from there.

Thanks for reading.

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