Simplified Method for Rotation in Mathematics.

Rigid motion is a keen topic in mathematics. Dealing with the Cartesian plane and how points or coordinates behave in various quadrants. We have reflection, translation and rotation.

Translation deals with a translated vector which you add to the point given. Reflection comes in when they give you a line and they as you to operate it as mirror to reflect a given point. Rotation which is where we find a problem. Rotation deals with shifting a point and turning it over with respect to an angle. We have 90, 180,270 and 360 rotation which all comes in either clockwise or anticlockwise.

We are explaining rotation in simple terms.
we start with clockwise.

When we take the two points (x, y). The y coordinate remains the same as it moves up and then the x coordinate is then negated when it falls. It keeps moving up and down till 360. Employing this method will convey to you a more convenient way of locating your coordinates.


Considering anticlockwise, it’s the opposite of clockwise. When we take the two points (x, y), written in coordinates form. The y coordinate moves to the top and is negated. The x coordinates come down and maintain its value. That’s how it goes till 360.


That’s the knowledge I can simplify rotation to you. Hope you understand.

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