There are many things I take part in life. Both socials and economic. I enjoy what I choose to love, and I really enjoy doing that. I wish to share that with you.


Just like a little boy will fancy toys, I am a guy who loves football and that’s my hobby.

Football is a game with two teams. The primary aim of the game is to put the ball into the net of your opponent. Each team consist of eleven players plus a goal keeper of which they are sub-divided into defenders, midfielders and then strikers. Defenders try preventing the opponent’s striker from scoring. But if they are not effective to, then the goal keeper then cease it from scoring. The midfielders support the strikers with passes to be able to score. In the other hand, they help in attack to prevent the ball from getting to the defenders. The strikers score goals for their teams. They work hard make sure the ball get pass a goal keeper into the net. They play with the support of each other. They make sure they support each other to win.



Football is time bound. It’s a 90-minutes game. They periodically add extract minutes to cover up for the time wasted within the allocated time. There are games that require a winner even a draw would not hold. They are knockout stages, quarter finals, semifinals and then final. When there is a draw in this matches, then they play an extra 30 minutes. If there is no winner after that, then they proceed to penalties. Not all the players play the penalties but a selected number of 5 players plus a goal keeper.


It has equally provided the chance for substitution. Coaches sit and watch to see when there should be a change of player either due to fatigue, inadequate performance, changing the style of play or preserving the player for another crucial match. When a player is substituted, he can’t come on again even if his team is affected. Each team is allowed five substitutes.


Not forgetting the handlers of the match, the referees. There are three referees with one possessing the most leading authority. The two others are the assistant referees who are known as the linesmen. The use their flags to draw the attention of the referee in the field to things he didn’t see. The linesmen cover the touch lines of the pitch. The referee has a card which he uses to caution players. He has a yellow card to warn and when a player fouls another. Then a red card to direct a player off the pitch if he has done something inappropriate like a player who isn’t a goal keeper using his hand to prevent a goal from scoring.


There are fouls in everything. In the game of football, the referee calls for a foul for several things. We have an offside, that’s when an opponent striker stays far behind the defenders. Moreover, corner kick which is given when the ball go out the pitch at the line of the goal post while touching the team at that end. We have a throw. A throw is carry out when the ball goes off the pitch at either sides of the linesmen. Then a penalty. A penalty is given when a player is foul fouled in the 18-yard box or a hand ball in the 18-yard box. A foul can also be given anywhere on the pitch if either touches a player's hand or when there is an aggressive tackle.


Lastly is the fans of the clubs. I play and I have my favorite clubs I support. We the fans give support to our team when they are playing. The presence of the fans do influence the play of players. I am a Chelsea and a Real Madrid fan.


That’s how well I can brief you about my hobby. When I play, I am a defender and I make sure I will take balls off my goal post. When I do that, I also trying not committing fouls to give my opponents fouls. Football is interesting.


I love it because it’s a means of exercise for me. It makes use of the body and make me sweat. It keeps me health and its fun when playing too. There is the need for an individual to find a place where he finds peace. I find mine in football and I haven’t thought of turning my interested in football into a professional career but only a place I can exercise and find peace.
I enjoy it.

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