Guide on reputation score to Newbies.

Greetings everyone. This article seeks to educate newbies on what is reputation and how to increase their reputation score.


Steemit is a platform whereby we all make our posts. But as a newbie, you might ask, why are some post getting more up votes than others? The answer is simple.

Steemit works with reputation. Your reputation shows how influential you are on the platform. Your reputation shows how trustworthy you are. So before your posts can be seen by many, you have to have a higher reputation. We have various ways we can increase how reputation. Reputation as a newbie starts from 25 and you then improve from there.

My reputation circled with red marker.

1.By up voting others posts: we vote to show how good a content is. As a newbie, you can vote to show how good someone’s content is. Voting is on left unto those with higher SP to vote, but it shows you agree to what that individual wrote.

  1. When you have higher votes on your post: When you post and people vote with higher SP, it shows your content is worth it and it will help boast the raise of your reputation. Before someone can vote on you post as said earlier, your content must appeal to him or her before they can make that vote. If they do, then it shows your content is good and that adds up in improving your reputation in steemit.
  2. By commenting on post: when we say, commenting does mean commenting on anything you see. Make sure you read peoples content and make a comment that relates to it. Make relevant comments and sometime with comments, you get voted for. When you make relevant comment quite often, it shows how involving you is in the steemit community. It also plays a part in increasing your reputation.

My comments
  1. By having more followers: Just like any other social media, the more your follows the higher your influence on the platform. When we say, commenting does mean commenting on anything you see. With more follows, you get more votes. With more votes, it shows your content are good and then will it be a plus to your reputation. Don't forget to also follow people you would like to learn from. they all help you develop either in writing or in your reputation.
Screenshot_20210412-174350.png My followers

You can also refer to @arnoldwish post with link for more steps and ideas.

Create more great contents, and you will get followers who will always get access to any new thing you post. Hope you find it important.


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Great writeup bro but please we discussed on platform about tagging the curators 01 and 02 on a general post, lets desists from it thanks

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Thank you. I saw that late and it will be my last!

12.04.2021 22:04

Sure thanks

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