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In the accent times, before Christ, many innocent people lived their social lives based on what they grew up to see their deceased grandfathers do. Their power and pride lid in whatever they had and going against it was a disgrace. They sincerely loved and cherish dearly their idols and worshiped them keenly. I don’t blame them. They said that was their GOD.


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Prime years later, Christ came to tell the world how lucky they were. How his GOD is above the sky and he is calling them to eternal righteousness. Imagine voluntarily leaving a luxurious lifestyle and adapting a new one. That’s why they call it Religion, a way of life. Jesus brought a new way which was contradicting with the moral teachings of the people. It made it too hard to follow. The people valued their pride even though they knew his preaching was true. They stood comfortably by their gods and rejected him.


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The people had a direct connection with their gods such that, anything they desire, they get. Not that the gods provide it but they get it when they ask from it. To a child, when he asks his father for something and gets it immediately. Then no matter who gave it to his father to give him, he will say his father gave it to him. That’s the connection I want to talk about.

Religion is a way of life we all choose. No matter the religion you belong to, you have your way of living your life. Every religion has its sacred scriptures. We all try following them, but it sometimes seems difficult. We have leaders who take us through like the founders did. But I have a key question, that’s that mean they are intimately connected to the lord than us? Find an answer to it…

Allah in my religion, told our holy prophet, “Before my faithful servant can worship me well, HE has to understand and know me.” Allah is telling us how worshiping him will be easy if only we knew him that well. Our charismatic leaders preach to us about how the world is. But can you tell me you have a relation with your God? How well do you know your God? That’s the question!


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GOD is divine. Your GOD and my GOD might differ, but we all seek the same thing from HIM. What is left unto us is to understand who we are calling our GOD and how well we can relate with him. Let the sacred bond between you and your GOD be greater that people with high faith will begin to question themselves. When you are intimately connected to your GOD, then you have the best understanding of your deen than anyone else.

When we accurately analyze the great scholars of our various religions, they all have done something special that always amuse us. Do you know why? They have a connection with their GOD which gives them the divine power to do remarkable things we don’t understand. If you want to understand whatever is going on in this world, get closer to your GOD. When you do, that’s when you get to know him. When you get to know him, that’s when you would enjoy the fruit of the world.


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I am a practicing Muslim. I have my believes. My believes govern my life. But the way I understand my GOD is to me. Understand your GOD and your religion will be simple to you.

Abdul Wahab (Me)

Yaa Allah help me on my way to knowing you!

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