We Live With Them

If you have a chance to disappear and pollute others, you are not cool, even if this seems even more upsetting. If you have a chance to be positively judged with Covid and contaminate others, you are not yet a fraudster. In case you smell even one of the scariest scams, there is. Odd enough, if you contaminated someone with the flu, you were never sued. This season's virus is an exemption. For unknown reasons, flu, measles at this point, and each of these infections that we call "pediatric disease" are not seen as a danger at this point.


We live with them, we accept them except most of them have been vaccinated. Vaccination eliminates fear. When the fear is gone, we get used to an illness, it will no longer affect us. The community will ignore cleanliness, ignore the side effects, and not see this as a danger for the time being. It is not said that no one will get sick, we say only one in 100 if this happens, or we shrug in light of the fact that "the whole school" has it, or we do not say "the season you overcame".

The only good thing about Covid is that it's something new and an infection. It's cool as infections change quickly. They usually understand how to hold on. I believe it is great that every infection turns into twenty new ones. Only an infection can do this.

More than a year before a particular Covid strain was recognized. Nobody cares who caused this anymore. It doesn't matter as long as it doesn't affect us. With or without a vaccine or clinical help, other countries will win their battle. History educates us. No matter what trouble humanity is, it only increases.

This is an extravagance. You will not be effectively visiting a dental professional or specialist, and we are all alone, typically new pre-trained. Many veterinarians went bankrupt on the grounds that a veterinarian was also a waste. What we need most is consistently good quality food. Indeed, then we can prevent nutrients, minerals, pain relievers, antimicrobials, prednisone, insulin, anti-hypertensive drugs, irritability and discouragement. Only without these acknowledgments we would be autonomous and at the moment drug experts run and do no harm to us, the earth, nature, plants and creature life.

As a pet owner, I am more concerned about your creatures than my relatives. There is help for people, we love killing needy creatures. Each of these new infections are started by us, by humans. This is our behavior we need to change. I am effectively not disappointed about emaciated individuals, neither do I feel sorry for myself, nor do I feel sorry for individuals who never think about their well-being. Why don't you ask?

My answer is simple. I care about individuals who tolerate and are effortlessly neglected because of others. This is how I helped the biggest part of my life. That's where the vast majority of my time and money go. Creatures are creatures that are seriously treated by individuals. Creatures that acknowledge human behavior, regardless of whether they were caught or not, were mismanaged. The creatures offered to the highest bidder were bought to flaunt as they were something else. Creatures that are emptied, thrown aside, attacked, and no one is focused. The creatures grew up and were doomed to fill people's pockets, but when it came to him, no one felt responsible for it. Creatures mishandled and would test what we burned for our needs. Creatures that endure dust and bite because we believe it is great to endure them is a terrifying, difficult transition.


As a pet owner, a previous asylum owner, a zoo worker, a veterinary colleague, and more, I would say that I changed my assessment. I haven't done every creature well and I feel sorry for that. I think more about this than anyone would ever know at any point. I wish I had the information I have today twenty or thirty years ago. I've seen such countless creatures endure too much. I made a bold effort, but it was generally not the most accurate. Creatures must be creatures and luckily you can't be sure that this is your concern and you are wrong. They deserve a good life, opportunity, reflection, attention. It should not be used to make us feel good and should not be put aside because of our chance to discover another person or something better. You are not cool in case you are weakened, but all things considered, you are not an amazing pet owner. Especially if your creatures are also sick, once debilitated it makes it difficult to think.

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