Not good at it but...


Hey Steemians! I’ve been away a long time and have been meaning to come back. I realise while I was thinking of coming back that I do get nervous when writing.

I’m not well versed in the English language nor do I know how to keep the attention of my audience that well but I do my best and keep on reaching out to share and speak with all of you.

Thanks for all the support I’ve received from all my past posts. It’s all because of you!

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Nice photo, was it one of those disposable cameras or poloroids?

26.03.2020 19:58

Yes, it was the Lomography black & white disposable one. I gifted to Merry and she was the one who took the photo.

27.03.2020 11:29

Hey, @pam.afg, it’s nice to see you again, welcome back to steemit, and never disappear, lol!

29.03.2020 20:27

Thanks @aidasfg7 It’s nice to be back. I’ll do my best to keep on going, no matter how busy I get.

31.03.2020 04:22