Who wants SMTs now?.

I'm so glad I didn't sell any of that PAL in the airdrop, today another airdrop came out for all of that pals that staked it.

LEO, this token is another tribe for investing themes.


Steem Engine is the project in STEEM more promising now imo, the tokens have created the tools for all that developers and entrepreneurs to launch their proyects, and it's working in a unexpected way with the blooming of many tokens.

I must admit that many of them won't worth anything but there are some of them backed with good ideas and proyects, like RORS, Splintertalk, PAL... and now LEO.

Surprisingly it's now when Stinc has decided to introduce the long awaited SMT's. "Now that we see that it works we will do it" they seem to think, but now might be late.

Steem Engine has stablished itself as a good alternative so they are no longer needed.

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