Analysis of Winds of Change (Part II)

Hi dear readers, we have today the second part of the analysis of WoC cards, this time is turn for Green and Blue, two splinters that are very strong right now.

We're going to start with this ranged monster, the Goblin Chef:

Goblin chef.jpg

ranged stats.jpg

We had some nice ranged cards already so this one doesn't suppose a big change from what we had, anyways this card is dangerous above lvl8, that poison and affliction abilities are a good choice for players that rely in Selenia or in mirror matches where we need to take out that pesky Flesh Golem backed by two healers. Can be a decisive card in Keep your distance against the Lord A.

Minotaur warlord.jpg

Melee stats.jpg

Having the excellent Flesh Golem we won't use this guy everyday since is expensive to obtain, many players won't buy it but be very careful if you battle against him, is an awesome tank backed by a healer and very aggresive against teams that rely on ranged or magic attacks. His high cost though makes him difficult to combine with SoF but anyways we might see new teams relying in the Minotaur Warlord, a card that I like because imo is well balanced, which is important if we take in count the dominance of Green lately.

Electric eels.jpg

Melee stats.jpg

This monster is very interesting for Blue, as second tank can damage the second position of the rival, a damage that we can complement with the blast of the Pirate Archer and the LoS, meanwhile is a card with high health that wins time for our magic and ranged attackers so it fits perfectly in Blue's strategy.

A card that shines especially in Little league and Up close and personal.

Mermaid healer.jpg

Magic stats.jpg

And finally we arrived to the OP card of the day, well let's see, for three mana a magic attacker with five health, speed three, triage (heals back rows weakest card), strenghen and cleanse?, this card is insane. Not because I say so, its price indicates this very loud, the expensivest epic until now of the splinters (not counting neutrals).

Can heal the LoS so he can blast your face all the day long, even if you have a Lord A against you, she can remove negative effects as dangerous as poison and affliction, she can heal your Water Elemental so you can put it in second position and avoid those pesky snipers. What else...oh and she's also a cute card, we can't ask more.

Well that's all for today buddies, the next article we will see the red and neutral splinters, don't miss it. Cheers!.

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will be looking for the second part interesting : )

13.07.2019 18:22

This is the second part, you have a link here of my first post, with White and Black :), in case you find it useful.

13.07.2019 19:26