The Stalker Challenge. 50 STEEM to the first person who can lure one of these YouTubers to the STEEM blockchain.



In case you didn't read the title. Let me repeat it.

50 STEEM will be gifted to the first person who can lure one of these YouTubers to the blockchain.

This is not easy, it requires dedicated stalking and a desire to converse with stray vloggers and musicians who have no idea what STEEM is.

And, I get it. It's likely that no one will win, or will even try. Or will even read this. But I am a dreamer. I also am a realist. Very few people ever pay attention to my challenges. I've offered to give away a good amount of $ in the past, with no takers at all. Every once in awhile I get a few bites.

If you are one of the few, rare souls that might interested..

Here's what I want you to do: You must choose from the accounts I will list below. They're not outrageously unreachable entities. They're very human and they likely could be convinced by the right people. That's where YOU come in. Maybe YOU are the right person. I have either tried and failed already, or just haven't had time to properly observe, stalk, and lure them into my cave just yet. Anyway. Let me tell you what I expect from you.


  • Convince one of the following people to join the blockchain.
  • They must not only JOIN, but they must MAKE A POST
  • AND they must actually TAG ME in it, saying hi to me and also tagging YOU.
  • Otherwise, how do I know you had anything to do with it?
  • If they only want to tag YOU, that's fine.
  • But I ain't saying my feelings won't be affected.

  • You have until Halloween (October 31) to finish the task
  • If it's a few days after Halloween it's fine.
  • If they sign up before that date and haven't posted yet, it's okay, I will give them until my birthday to complete a post. (November 12)
  • These deadlines are very flexible
  • Because time zones and such

  • My name is Serena, hence "Serena-Rules"
  • This also could hint to the fact that I rule the world
  • Maybe someday
  • If we all are doomed

  • PLEASE NOTE: I am ALSO in the process of luring these people to steemit. (Yes, remember I say "Steemit" for everything!)
  • So if I get them to begin posting first... you snooze you lose...

  • I actually invite them to #steempeak because there are no ads
  • Ads are an immediate turnoff for most people
  • Hence, I don't mention Steemit.
  • But I call everything Steemit otherwise, usually.
  • And that's all the rules

Need help setting up a new account?

If you need help getting them set up with a page that will be immediately activated, let me know! I HAVE WAYS. All that means is that I know smart people who can do it and I know how to bribe them with cookies.

If by chance you are the SECOND person to bring me one of these musicians in this same time frame, I will find a way to also pay you 50 STEEM, but it will probably be a bit. into the future when I can actually earn that much.

Because I AM NOT WEALTHY. Anyway, here are your challenges. Go forth and flatter them. Lure them. Don't mention that they can earn massive amounts of money on Steemit or something. That's likely a very false statement. Just tell them that it can bring in a new audience and such, and maybe something about cryptocurrency. Not sure what to say about that, but probably one of you knows. Anyway.. let's get on with it.

Here they are. Bring them to me!


Leslie Stroz

Leslie is a very dear friend of mine.. if she already has a STEEM account, that's fine, your job is to get her to POST. I am not sure if she does yet have an account. I know she was pondering the idea. But..I have vowed not to keep bugging her about it myself. But YOU totally can. She really was going to get an account and start posting.

Life interrupts even the best-laid plans sometimes. Anyway.. Leslie might be your best chance at winning this challenge, since she was already thinking about it. I will wait for a post and a tag and the obligation to send you 50 STEEM. Good luck!

Watercolor Timelapse (Medieval Church speed painting)


Stacey McNeill

I actually mentioned this challenge to her in a comment and she kindly replied.
(foot in the door and such, you're welcome)

"Off My Mind" | Original song by Stacey McNeill


Jonathan Wyndham

Another fabulous musician
He's very nice and replied to me on Instagram
(you have hope)

"Never Stop Loving You" (Acoustic Live) by Jonathan Wyndham



Crypto news vlogger
There is a comment on this video asking about his opinion of Splinterlands
= )

Times a Tickin - BankRoll Moon and Some DAPP Principles [VLOG#132]



Comedian, crypto trader
(his t-shirt in this video says "JUST HODL IT")
Perhaps mention dTube to crypto enthusiasts?

Bitcoin Going to $ZERO!!! SELL NOW!!!


Anyway, that's it! I won't ramble on and on about anything else. Good luck, and I hope someone at least tries. Being a stalker is fun enough, but being a stalker on a MISSION... way funner.

Thanks for stopping by.

Goodbye until next time, or maybe forever. I've been driving a bit recklessly lately.

Love always,

♥- serena

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And if you need help to pay second stalker win, I will donate 25 steem, because of the impossibility of task. Good luck though!!!

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20.10.2019 20:35

Haha! Awwww thank you! It does feel quite impossible.. but if anyone succeeds I will be so happy! :D

20.10.2019 21:09

Oops i was logged in as helpiecake.. my bad

20.10.2019 21:10

Haha I do that all the time with natural medicine full stop it would be so cool to have more musicians on Steam

20.10.2019 21:19

what helpiecake said

20.10.2019 21:10

love the initiative

20.10.2019 23:25

Thank you! ♥

20.10.2019 23:28

I’ll throw in another 50 STEEM, great idea ❤️

21.10.2019 00:26

Justine that is awesome! Thank you! ♥

21.10.2019 01:13

would do it!!!!!

21.10.2019 01:26


21.10.2019 01:29

Cool challenge . Wish you the best of luck with it .

21.10.2019 02:09

Great initiative mate - I've resteemed and can throw in another 50 steem + INV tokens to make the accounts if needed :)

21.10.2019 06:18

I'll add 100 Steem to the pot.

21.10.2019 06:39

Thank you so much! ♥♥♥

22.10.2019 11:32

@tipu curate

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21.10.2019 08:40


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21.10.2019 08:40

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21.10.2019 08:41

This is gonna be difficult. But I'll try to give it a shot

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21.10.2019 11:05

This is just crazy talk here! :-)
I think there's over 200 steem up for grabs on this right now...

21.10.2019 22:54

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22.10.2019 03:01

Thank you @pennsif!! I appreciate that so much! ♥♥♥

22.10.2019 11:32

Amazing idea, resteemed

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22.10.2019 18:23

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23.10.2019 19:18

This is an amazing idea. I heard about it from marky during his msp show. I am not good at what you are asking...but i am willing to add 50 steem to the reward should you have a winner. Thank you so much for helping get Steemit on the map. I am currently in the middle of learning to write code so i can build a real world use for our chain(not so much Steemit itself). I and a few others believe in it slot and are making progress. If we all do our part and stay at it we will bring steem to where it should be. Thank you again for helping our great community. And i hope you have a great week!

24.10.2019 01:35

Sorry about the downvote (he hit my resteems) working to try to get people to counter it. Sorry love 😞

26.10.2019 06:38

Awww, no need to counter that, Justine. He can go screw himself and pretend he likes it.

27.10.2019 13:45

But thank you. ♥♥♥♥ For resteeming and for trying to counter it.

27.10.2019 13:45

I got it last post as well, it's sad that it happens to bystanders but we won't be scared from posting and sharing, right! By the way just checking in to see if this actually worked @paintingangels

28.10.2019 18:22

You are ugly enough to be "ok" in justine wHores friends list. That is why she supports you. Problem is you both make everyone want to yack. Couple of white trash scums.

28.10.2019 03:38