Cans for recycling 10c deposit to be claimed on each


In British Columbia there are recycling fees on some non dairy drinks (non refundable) and deposits on most non dairy drinks (refundable). Obviously the recycling charge and deposit makes products more expensive and prices are listed excluding the deposit, tax and recycling charge but at least the deposit is refundable.

The fees depend on the container of the product and generally the size of the container.

If you find an intact (not crushed) aluminium can on the ground or in a bin you can bring it to a recycling center to get 10 cent. Same goes for certain other containers, different refund amounts for other drink containers.

Some homeless check bins for empty drink containers and get little bits of money instead of having to beg.

And the deposits encourage recycling as if you don't return the container you are throwing away money.

However single use coffee cups or plastic cups don't have a refund amount yet so more of these are just abandoned on the ground. Shame really.



The photos are cans I collected at home before recycling. Several weeks worth gathered together.

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