This is the most special video I have ever been in - Avi Yemini on Chinese Appledaily

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Wow. I'm so humbled by this feature story by Apple Daily about my visit to Hong Kong.
The article this video was posted to is also too good, read it here:

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Great video. Goes to show how real things get out there. Subscribed.

04.12.2019 19:38

Thanks! Hong Kong is a special place.

06.12.2019 06:53

Hahaha... It's really hard to learn the Chinese language I just learn one-word form, my Chinese friend "ni hao" means hello.

05.12.2019 13:07

that's great general palnet i like it thanks for visiting my Post

06.12.2019 05:10

Thanks for all the great work and videos out of Hong Kong. Stay safe.

06.12.2019 22:16