What is this plant?

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I REALLY need to know what this is. It should be flowering soon so that I could be sure, but the deer keep chomping off the tips so it will never bloom. I'm hoping it is wild opium lettuce, for which I have a great need.

I'm pretty sure this one is wild lettuce of some sort, but not opium lettuce:

Does anyone know if it has qualities similar to opium lettuce? Perhaps less potent?

The fresh saps of the above two are indistinguishable and boil down to the same goo, although the one I hope is opium lettuce is a bit more green, in a brownish green sort of way.

I need to verify before I give this internally.

Thanks for any help any of you can give! While I have you here, and since this one hasn't bloomed yet so I can't be sure again, is this fleabane?:


Images are mine.


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I would not want to give you a faulty identification. This site might be able to help: https://www.picturethisai.com/

Good luck!

26.07.2019 00:49

I suppose that is a lot to ask. I'm so lazy! And mad at myself - there is a wonderful forager available at my farmer's market on Thursdays and he'd gladly ID it, but I keep forgetting to grab a sprig before I go. erg.

26.07.2019 00:57

Heh, yeah, I understand. I'd just hate to run it through an identifier which says "Oh yep, lettuce!" when it is, in fact, some form of poison ivy. (I usually identify poison ivy as such after the fact, btw). Hopefully you're able to get it id'ed soon.

26.07.2019 01:04

lol! yeah it's a bad one. Here's a post I did on it with some remedies. https://goldvoice.club/steem/@owasco/panacea-for-poison-ivy
I think I'll just have to put some sort of cage around my mystery plant so that it can bloom. I can ID it definitely then myself. But I swear the deer are eating the tips of every plant of it around here. If the deer are getting high, and if it's opium lettuce they could be, I suppose that explains its popularity. And I can be sure it's not poisonous.

26.07.2019 01:17

Oh now that's something I'm definitely going to look up. I seem to find a way to wallow in it at least once a year.

I'm really interested in seeing pictures of your stoned deer. :)

26.07.2019 01:30

@owasco I have this plant, I call it a weed it comes up all around out place. I have heard it is opium lettuce but I am not 100% on if it is true.

26.07.2019 01:44

Oh thank you! Yes it is all over here too, and it is very helpful to know that someone else has called it opium lettuce. I think I have been yanking it out for years, but now I would like to put its pain relieving reputation to the test. I can find lots of info on how to make the goo, and nothing on how to administer it after that.

26.07.2019 02:17

@owasco I do not know how you use it either, I think you harvest it after the flowers die and then cook the leaves in a small amount of water, that is all I have seen on it. Good luck, I hope you can find out more about it.

28.07.2019 00:08

Since the deer are now ravenously eating it, I'm thinking perhaps right now is the best time to harvest it, but idk. I boiled down some very young plants, then reduced the water left to a paste as I saw in a video, but did not know what to do with teh paste after that. I gave the paste to one of my daughters who added it to a comfrey salve and felt it helped her menstrual cramps. You can make tea with it and smoke it too. But I'm not sure how to use the paste internally for pain which I think is possible.

28.07.2019 02:53

@owasco there is a book that talks about it but I can not recall the name, I think it was something like ancient medicines but not sure about that. Maybe try google he knows everything.

29.07.2019 01:57

Owasco, the plant looks like prickly lettuce or wild opium. It is used in folk medicine to help with pain, especially arthritis.

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26.07.2019 15:44

Let us know if you find out for sure!

27.07.2019 19:08

I've built a little cage around one that is about to flower. I'll know for sure then.

28.07.2019 02:48