Think On This!

I read a very interested thing about the nature at which people react violently against innocent people and face to tackle the root cause of the problem.


Just imagine this: if you kept let's say 50 black ants and 50 red ants in a jar, they will coexist without any form of disagreement; but dare to shake the jar violently. Without delay, the ants will start killing each other believing that the other colour are the enemy without understanding that someone interfered with their peaceful coexistence.

This is what we are experiencing in our society today, some groups are violently shaking the jar and setting Men against men, Tribe against tribe, The poor against themselves, North against South, Christians against Muslims, .... So that we can start attacking ourseves

Before we fight each other, we must first ask ourselves:
Who shook the jar? 🤷🏽‍♂️...

The human greed is the beginning and the root cause of the war we are fighting. We must be wise not to continue to be fooled by them.

It is with Love
I am @outhori5ed

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