Of Lazy Eyes and Visions : My #EthStatus...Story

Picture this ...

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Like It'It's the future now , right?
A world where there are flying cars , floating skateboards , dog language translators (oh! I mean animals in general...haha!!) , AI (artificial intelligence) news anchors and etcetera.
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And in this futhe way
of handling"the mthe money" or "money" in this time and age is different...

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I mean now there's instant messaging where your messages are completely safe and secure and "un-hackable" .

Your mobile phone is now yk , vault (mehult(meh!! Debatable , but stay with me here) and wallet.

Now let's say you're stuck or something or perhaps you lost your phone and you need to get a new one stat , you go to a phone store and let's say you go there with a partner or a friend and you just casually borrow his/her phone and enter your keys or something and transfer some money to the account of the person sellingone and viola!!ola!!
You've got a new phone and everything is cool again , huh?
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Well , you see...

The thing is -

It's already happening and even though it's not come full circle yet the revolution has begun and there is this sayiat says "don't jn't just d, Act!!" (this mais may not be accuthough).


EthStatus :

Being permissionless , secure and with iron-clad encoding.

This my friends is..mrolls) the future!!

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My Vision for Status.im :

I believe ladies and fellas that could not have come at a better time 'cos maaaahn!!!
Look at what's happened in the past months (I won't name countries but look at how the banks are taking super questionable liberties and just getting to stepping, Loool!!

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But seriously though...

I'm super happy about the quick mention from Paul Grau in his article here https://medium.com/aergo/aergo-connect-blockchain-wallet-ux-considerations-1f06a6ee20dd.

And as #ethStatus has assured and clearly stated as one of its core values ,
They are gonna be every putting in the work and disrupting the system to deliver a better and much more (for lack of a better word) "doper" use cases.

I for one , I am super sure that soon enough it be a preferred mode of transaction and messaging and more as the world finally accept blockchain technology.

images (1).jpeg

4i88GgaV8qiFU89taP2MgKXzwntUGAvkoQiKU7VxyD37q94TuXEE8mBKbJ5R6XSTKMu1hKweS9t5ZEibkjLCKSbiZnmUuCFq76pRFCwiUGXU4j6bcJujgQhBQz (1).png

The's @Otto11
-- have a g one


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