Lets talk about Status : Principles

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First of all , what is Status?:


It is an open source messaging platform and mobile interface to interact with a decentralized application that runs on the ethereum network.

Key words here are...

  • Decentralized. &
  • Interact.

Putting this in simple english , it means that it is a DApp that sends instant messages (think WhatsApp but on another level) , has a crypto wallet and also a web browser.

In knowing more about https://status.im/ the team has 10 rock hard rules that controls how Status works.
So let us take a look at the principles guiding it.

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Status Principles (in no particular order):


I. - Openness :-
Solely created for public good Status and its strong beliefs in permission-less participation, Status has a free and open source license.

II. - Liberty :-
According to its white paper they made Status decentralized 'cos they do not want a force or push users to do what they do not wish to (permission-less) .

III. - Decentralization :-
With relatively reduced centralization across both the software and the organization itself.
They make it so that the people in full control of their own content are the users

IV. - Resourcefulness :-
The Status are relentlessly resourceful.
This means solving problems in the most effective way possible at lower economic costs.

V. - Security :-
Two words... Yep!! Just two comes to mind "rock solid" 'cos as expected security is something that is to be taken seriously.
This guys use state-of-the-art technologies and as earlier said the are resourceful , meaning they are always looking for new ways to protect.

VI. - Continuance :- The Status team also created the system in a way that it continues to exist and improve .

VII. - Inclusivity :-
Status believes in fair and widespread access to software, with an emphasis on ease-of-use. Which cover social inclusivity and other innovative ranges.

VIII. - Censorship Resistance :-
At Status there's free flow of information. No content is under surveillance or spied on. Abiding by the cryptoeconomic design principle of censorship resistance.

IX. - Privacy :-
You power is fully in your hands when you are on Status.
The team makes it top priority to protect your privacy in both communications and transactions, as well as being a pseudo-anonymous platform. Hence, total anonymity.

X. - Transparency :-
Complete openness and symmetry of information within the organization with no border between core contributors and community.

The 11th principle :

Its not much of a rule as it is a sort of record where they vote and address issues , like if for example... The team are falling short of any of the listed principles.
They call it the book of shame and opportunities.



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Nice one. Status is cool even while I checked it out. So cool. I'll buy more coin cos it is a good project.

12.11.2019 16:25

🤘 rock on bro

12.11.2019 18:41