I, Vampyre


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."Things have been crazy for me this past week..."


This above statement says a lot of things but the ones I can really pick out or say truly interprets my insensitivity are just 2 , here they are...

Well, firstly (1) - My endless "play the victim role".

... Secondly (2) - My " you would never understand what I'm going through" .


So let's dive in , shall we ? Honestly (or is the word "Truthfully") I have actually been a victim all my life.

But I've learned something and that is if you decide to take charge of your life and change your situation there is always a takeaway.

Like a type of scar or mark or better yet a reminder not to ever let that thing define you and who you are any longer.


*1 - # Playing the victim : while this has always been my ID (identification) of some kind.

It had made me put myself in a position where I kind of wait till my "Hero" shows up.

This had been a different source of depression on its own and because of it I know personally that my resources have been limited (in this text I mean social interactions).

*2 - # The You would never understand what I'm going through : while this should probably be a subtext or branch off the first it is actually pretty different and it probably explains better why I picked the title for this.

I will liken this to "slaves who love their shackles", why?

Because this point when your friends it maybe family try and pull you out of it or try to stand by you , you tend to take their joy away and usually people in this category never really appreciate their support they get.

Hence, you suck!!

Suck a way their joy and happy-ness and when it comes to you they tend to feel its a chore coming around you because people never forget how you make them feel.



There are things you should start realizing ...


  • No one will bleeping save your sorry donkey (think the other word)
  • Stop sucking the joy out of people especially the ones who care about you , they have their own issues too and life is one big middle finger so while they care are consider you don't try to be the centre of attention and consider them too.

Also...Not to sound like a jerk I understand that some things can't are beyond your control but remember that the person beside you might need a smile too.


From your friend,

Have a good one...





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