So today I noticed something about my self and today the thought of it scared me.
So here's what happened ...

I had been expecting a package from an establishment and the company promised Monday, now as they had said and like every typical company in Nigeria their Nigerian showed.


When it did I wasn't surprised 'cos I'd expected it and so the company manager called and had to tell me I would have to wait or another two (2) weeks before I got them.

So what bothered me was actually my reaction and the thoughts that followed.... See the actual reason they could not deliver was because they had issues with the customer's info, they had another much more important client with the same details as mine and they gave the person my own things, now that other customer travelled abroad during the weekend meaning he either left the stuff in Nigeria or travelled with it overseas.


My thought was that they'd fail but my thoughts were that it would be because they hadn't touched it all...my reaction was I wasn't expecting the first reply I got and I was not expecting the honesty, so it caught me unawares.


  • BUT!!!! :- what bothered me was that I took a while then I got really pissed but at that time I wasn't sure if it was for the disappointment, the fact that I was right or 'cos someone actually spoke truthfully.
  • It dawned on me that I still need to work out some things about my self so I told them to take their time and I wore another .
    *I realized to that the answer(solution) was simple but I wanted them to suffer for that little thing they did and I truly understand why one would think I have a God complex.


...I know this story isn't finished yet but this is a record to acknowledge my dissatisfaction in my recent actions/activities and I'm grateful I could noticed this...so so grateful!!


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