30 days of writing challenge : Day #6 - Ramble sesh

...See the wey ah get the gun , gat the upper hand.
See the man wey ah get the gun , gat the upper hand.
See the man wey ah get the gun , gat the upper hand.
See the man...

--- VECToR (man with a gun).

When I picked this title this were the lines that kept coming to my Head.

Its an impressive song too , simple as the lyrics are the messages it conveyed was crystal clear.
For my non Nigerian friends do check him out @VectorThaViper on twitter and you can thank me later...he-he !!

So , Back to our regularly scheduled program.

Learning... Ramble
I'm super sure that every one living or probably dead (excuse me!) has or had heard the saying "experience is the best teacher"

Well the thing about that saying is that it isn't true.

This becomes the inevitable question that follows.

And the answer is quite simple...

Observing or better yet I'll call it learning by watching.

How do I mean?

Well... Gather round guys (rubs palms) I'm about to tell a story.

Its a story that a teacher told us in class while I was in secondary school a while back (don't ask me the date , just know is been long).

A very long time ago when animal could speak and and talk like humans.

There were three friends , a Tortoise , a Gobbler and a Rabbit.
This three friends were very close so close in fact that they go everywhere together and its impossible to find one of them without finding the others far behind.

One day , something happened and the news went around the kingdom that king was sick.

The animals came together and were trying to decide how they were going to go see the king to wish him well , more importantly they wanted an animal to who'd go able able to come back alive or without being hurt.

As you would had guessed...

The names of this three (3) great friends and there were arguments and compromises ....

Blah-Blah , yada-yada!!

Here's where the lessons and oh, moments are...

When the friends were called the Tortoise completely disagreed and refused to even sset

:::to be continued::::foot go the mouth of the cave.
Amid their discussion the Rabbit spoke and said if the Gobbler should go , he'd be eaten for sure but if I and turtle should go since he's got a hard shell he won't be eaten and wed be able to learn about he King's health.
The Tortoise replies and said let only he Rabbit go and I will be able to really determine what's happening with the king from the comfort of my home.

...smartly he avoided the visits what really happened was not determined 'cos this story isn't even accurate.
So from here on it's writing on harder topics like fiction and maybe lyrics or something.
One down plenty more to go...
See ya!!!And thanks to everyone who sees this.

Its @Otto11

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