30 days of writing challenge : Day # 4 ..::::BOREDOM::::.. as a super power

Boredom is killing me man, I'm slowly dying here , Help me!!!

Too many times we've probably heard people say this.

Too many times we've seen people do things that make you wonder and you think to yourself like ...
Why? , what the heck is this person thinking?

Well , you see the thing is people fear boredom so much that we think we aren't living if we are bored.

An example would be most Nigerians , they have absolutely no imagination.

A Nigerian or more accurately the ones I've been around and have had the opportunity of meeting.

They would gladly show their ignorance like its a super power or something... SMH!!

For example :

If you tell a Nigerian that you don't listen to uuuhmm...let's say "Zanku" but you listen to alotta other tunes.

You would get a look that simply would tell you that you are inferior to them , no kidding...I can almost swear it.

Now, I know that this last may seem like I have a sorta motive or hidden whatever about Nigerians.

So in a bid to make my title make more sense to you , I'll share why I said that about before.
Firstly : There's a difference between Tiredness and Boredom.

People tend to make this mistake probably because they both require energy.

Tiredness : Could also be called fatigue , which may mean you are fed up , annoyed , irritated or sick of something (exhaustion).

  • In cases like this all that's needed is rest or sleep to recharge.

    Boredom : State of being in interested or paying attention (without attention). Simply meaning you may have convinced yourself of something not being fun.

  • The only thing boredom requires for adjustment is that you change your mind set.

And I've noticed some funny things(not "haha" funny though) , Like because we want to feel connections or connected in a bid to be accepted or feel among a certain set of people , we get inherently bored with something 'cos someone we value doesn't have an interest in that thing (or activity).

How to make boredom a super power?

- Don't fi# - Learn to not fi sure you'll be asking why the hell not?

Its quite simple you see 'cos theres always supposed to be balance.
-- 🤔🤔 Wondering what I mean? Well, I'm sure you have heard the word "Ying and Yang" before.
Okay good , now look at it like this , if you have fun or let's say alotta fun, then there should be times where there shouldn't be fun right? Think about it.
Another thing is ...

- Learn to be in the Moment : This is quite self explanatory though , but here , see what you simply gotta do is whenever it isn't parties of fun or you doing what ever works it for you.

Remember to stay in the moment 'cos perhaps you'd learn to enjoy when things are slower. slower.

- Learn to create with boredom :

Okay it sounds crazy right? Or most likely super weird too.
Like how does one even do that?The answer is simple, but allow me to answer that with another question.

Question :- How many have you had awesome ideas while in the shower or maybe in the toilet?

Answer that honestly and there's my simple answer.

**I want you to know...

That if you can use this simple rules and apply them , you'd be surprised by how energetic you'd get.And how you wouldn't even be fatigued fighting something as natural as that... I mean pfftt!!! Seriously!!!
Whew!!! So that's it for me.

@Otto11's my name.

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