30 days of writing challenge : day #3

Urgh!!! Terrible , just terrible!

So in my wanderings through life , I found how comfortably I ignore things that are supposed to be top priority for me.

So what are this things you say?

Well, here goes...

- I ignored the books I knew I needed to really read...

Why and how ?

What I simply did was not read right? so how could this be any bad?

Truth is it is... Very bad in fact that I haven't read in 2weeks straight now and to be frank it feels like a chore.

I noticed that somehow is been able to not write as i would like on this platform , so I though I'd read but instead of doing this I kept procrastinating.

By simply and lazily convincing my self that I'd do it tomorrow , next thing I know is Week's ended and now its Monday again.

- What I did again also was worry unnecessarily ...

--- Over things I needed , mostly projects I.wanted to start but couldn't co of capital but it was almost like the universe kept shoving answers in my face like... here you are stupid!!! lol .

So , while I've taken time to think about it all...

  • I've decided to stick to my challenge and complete it.
  • Start writing a novel that I can sell online.
  • Feed my mind and develope some more to actually combat my crippling laziness.
  • aaaaand that's about it!!

Work , work , work...

So its full speed ahead from here onwards and even though I'm not sure what I'll happen at the end of it all. I should at least be confident that I'll be a different person from when I started this challenge.

And that's totally what I'm looking for , an upgrade for a better me.

(-) The type if me that I wanna respect and be proud of

(-) The type to be worth his weight , figuratively and literally ... Loool!!!

Also FYI : I know this piece is a complete mess 'cos its not organized or anything but if you can at least read through to the end then you have been able to glimpse the nonsense closing my mind and clogging my motivation.

I can not and will not blame anybody from here on but myself as this are also conscious efforts and as repetition are what perfects you I guess its time to break this nonproductive cocoon called "comfort ".

My sincere apologies :

I sincerely apologize for the break in transmission and I swear that I shall conclude this no matter what happens.

Now for some chin scratching write ups after this and I hope you guess get to enjoy them.

The show lives and shall go on...

And indeed it will , expect more rants soon and more promising and organized pieces from yours truly from here on.

Thank you all and welcome!!!

Oh!! And have a good one!!!

Muah , muah , muah!!!!


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