30 days of writing challenge : day #2

Lessons learned from NARUTO.


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So!!! This week I decided to open and read through all the e-mails I've been ignoring and...

Wait!!! Before I go into this proper ,let's start with why I picked that title and why I've learned so much from this interesting character.

To begin with I'd like to break things down abit and just go at it bit by bit.

So, I am pretty sure that for those who haven't or may have not heard of him before now, the question would be...

Who is NARUTO ? :


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Full name - Uzumaki Naruto

Well to begin with , NARUTO was or is a very loud kid from the hidden leaf village , he is a 12year old kid who some people might say has been "cursed" from birth.

He is completely hated by his class mates , probably even more by his mates parents and it doesn't end there.

He lives alone and he's a very sensitive little chap, He has a dream to be the 5th Homage of his village which he tells anyone who cares to listen (even if you don't want to , he'll scream it at you till he has your attention).

His abilities :

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hen he was an infant he happens to be the only baby that could help save his village from a terrible adversary but as things changed and the leader (Hokage) that was alive at the had died , the stories changed.

The interesting thing about this kid is how he faces his fears even when he is never sire of what to expect, this exceptional kid has been able to think on the go and sometimes you'd wonder if it had been the cruelty of his villagers that made him fit well into the place they'd put him in.

The kids actual super power is "courage " and dogged determination.

One of the key things is been able to take from him is that he's everyone's friend and even knows practically everyone by name , this cancels the natural belief that people or kids like him who the society rejects are douche bags.


Key Moments :

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One of the key moments that spoke to me on the show was how he simply replied a kid by saying (paraphrased) : " You can never change your situation by just crying , that doesn't change it all not in anyway...

  • What he said to a kid motivated the kid to begin a revolution.
  • He his a freakish softy.
  • He's been known to motivate people , with his loud "reassuring" screams.
  • He kinda sucks in combat, but that is your first thought as you look at him. redline.jpg

Lessons :

  • Be your own hype man.
  • Even if you have no clue on how to deal with difficult situations always , try your best.
  • Work hard to get good , when you are good , work harder.
  • Never be discouraged.
  • Guard your dreams at all cost.
  • Speak your TRUTH no matter what.

Till next time...
Stay frosty.images (3).jpeg


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