30 days if writing challenge : day #7

Task :

Write a short story about a shop that takes place over a span of years.steemit_divider.png

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e walup to the couple seated on a bench and politely asked them the time , he sees one if them bring out a smartphone and replied ... Its a few minutes to 12.

That can't be right , he mutters was about turning then he looks back and asks another question , what day and year is this please?

Its Thursday October , Year 2019.

What? Wait ... Sorry, did you say 2019 ?

The lady on the bench gives an awkward laugh and replies ...Yes!

Its 2019 , where have been hiding ?

She quickly looks at her partner and makes a face.

He looks at them and realizes he'd made her uncomfortable.

I'm really sorry to bother you he said as he walked towards where he came from.

It was a hot afternoon and he seemed like his head was starting to feel lighter as her kept asking himself what happened trying to make sense of things.

Damn!!! He thought , it was just yesterday evening that I told my wife I'd help her get some things from the store on the way ba back.

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Yes!! Heought , I'll go home , go find my wife he muttered.

He walked towards the road hoping to find a taxi , "gotta get home , I need to see my wifwife".


A taxi cstops right in front of him and he boards the vehicle .

Cherry road please he says. . . I'm sure if I see Zainab I'd be able to make sense of everything , he thoughtght.
::The car tops in front of a house that Kareem barely recocognies::

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He comeswn from the vehicle and walks towards the building .
I'm sure my house is here , I mean I was here yesterday , right? He thought...
He slowly climbs the stairs now confused as ever , he rings the door bell , A voice came from inside telling him to hold on .
He sighed , relieved , he knew that voice that was Zainab..his wife but what's happened to this place?How's the house changed so much in a day?
As the questions grew , he prepared himself to meet the person coming to the door.
Shortly... He could hear locks unbolting , when the door opens he sees a girl she looks seventeen or maybe eighteen.
Zainab?!!! He said with his breathe as he smiled at the same time , how are you younger?
Looking puzzled again , the person in front he seemed confused at first then her face changed as she realized it was the man in the photo in the photos with Mum.
Oh my God!!! She said and slams the door , she rums to get her mother , Mum! Mum!! Muuuum!!!
Its him , its him , she says as she pulls her mother from the kitchen to show her who's at the door.
What are you talking about ? Zainab asked trying to make sense of what she's heard.
Its him!!!Open it... See!!! She said.
Zainab opens the door and screams Kareem!!! Oh my God , its really you she moves to touch him , touch his face and finally embrace him.

Its been so so long , Kareem still confused , and Zainab reading his puzzled look motioned him to come in , there's plenty to talk about...trust me.

NB :-1. - Thought I'd make the ending short , cos it is supposed to be a thousand words , but ...meh!!

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