Stake TPT to mine dog on dogeswap


Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful Monday morning, March is coming to an end and April just few hours from now

That said, it wouldn't be all fun to leave you guys empty and thus I made several search to look for more options or Dex as we know them that allows holders of TPT to stake and while several already houses this, we are yet to see a single stake option that is after LavaSwap which exhausted theirs several days back.

TPT is the native token of the popular crypto based wallet called TokenPocket that allows users to store, manage, and access various types of DApps directly from their mobile device.

TPT have been in existence for quite a while and until recently it has been gradually and slowly making huge impacts which would change the entire TPT ecosystem as we know.

After porting to Heco chain, they recently added BSC chain to the list of many chains currently supported which brought them into the light or maybe series of past event did but well the main idea is that the light has been shined on them and they plan on making full use of this.

The above started with getting listed on pancakeswap and also providing a pool that allows holders of TPT to mine Cake token and while this option stays active, it is always good to have multiple use case and not just one and thus several other platforms began accepting and allocating pool funds to TPT

An example of sych a platform is dogeswap and few days back, a single stake pool for TPT was set up, this allows individuals to stake their TPT to mine dogeswap native token called dog

DogeSwap is a new DEX based on the Huobi Ecological Chain, a 100% decentralized mining ecosystem, dedicated to supporting new assets and opening LP mining and single currency mining for new assets. Slow fog has been passed. Security code audit of technology authority companies. DogeSwap's platform currency DOG, holding DOG will get Doge's mining revenue and platform governance rights.

Copied from dogeswap page.

Dogeswap is built on Heco chain and users can easily access it via TokenPocket wallet or any other Heco chain supported wallet.

To access dogeswap individuals first need to download TokenPocket on their preferred device be it on Android or IOS, both devices are fully supported

Create an Heco account and fund your account with a little bit of HT token which allows you to pay gas fee.

Since TPT is currently available on multichains, users might have theirs on the EOS chain or maybe ERC and a need to swap or change to Heco might become needed and for this, Hoo exchange becomes relevant

Hoo exchange supports all chains TPT currently exist and individuals can deposit any of their preferred TPT chain and export to their desired one

From TokenPocket wallet, click on discover menu and type in from the search menu to bring up dogeswap

Navigate to liquidity option and click on single stake to stake TPT or provide liquidity whichever you prefer

Until some other time, stay safe

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