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Deck Heim Pro 108 CLEARANCE

The Logitech K380.

GK888B, which came up a couple of days ago, looks back on its use.

Because it's for company use

  1. It should not be loud.
  2. It is good if there is some sense of touch.
  3. Tenki is good. (Because of Excel work)
  4. It is good if it is wireless.
  5. RGB LED is not good. The search was based on five basic prerequisites:

Prior to this purchase, Logitech K780 was the top priority,

I made a purchase as if I had seen a pre-sale post in a neighborhood.

What I personally feel is

  1. With Bluetooth connection, it is possible to connect various devices to 3 devices.
  2. I feel a good sense of body (this is strictly personal).
  3. Both wired and wireless are available (USB-C type).
  4. It is more extensible than the GK888B array (it is not a mini-array), so you can get used to the old keyboard.

4-1. Especially, it is very good whether it is office or business.

  1. English, Korean / English version can be selected. I personally memorized the keyboard, I chose the clean English version.

The downside I personally felt was

  1. Bluetooth pairing is not easy.

Although the GK888B is also used, it can not be newly paired with one device connected.

Device # 1 - Keyboard connected Device # 2 - If you want to pair your keyboard, you need to turn off Bluetooth on device 1 or shut down device to connect device # 2.

I did not do this at first, so I just knocked on the keyboard.

  1. Locate the power button

I do not know why it is between ESC and F1.

It is so extraordinary.

The GK888B is made of side rubber, but the GK898B is made of plastic.

  1. Lightly chewing

Press Fn + F9 to adjust the stroke in 3 steps

If you type a batter immediately after the stroke, you may feel chewing.

But it also appears a little randomly.

I waited for the K780 discount and ran the GK898B for reasonable consumption.

I am personally satisfied.

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