Da Nang Itinerary 2

Da Nang Itinerary 2

It is a schedule to digest all the schedule in the morning and to swim in the afternoon.

So I moved early in the morning. Da Nang is hot enough to think that 9 o'clock is almost mid-day.

We spent our daily life in Da Nang while chartering drivers and vehicles daily.

The car was clean and cool, and the drivers were very friendly and very satisfied.

I heard that the 12-hour fee was less than $ 40. If I make a reservation in Korea, I will give 20,000 KRW as an intermediary fee. ^^ ;;


I arrived at the hostel for about 15 minutes. There is a # Seawater statue of Southeast Asia up to 67 meters high. # Many Vietnamese people who escaped Vietnam during the Vietnam War were killed in the sea and died. It is this sea water goddess built to honor them.

I really like the lighthouse and it is in a good location and I am looking at the sea.


It is located in the middle of the mountain near the sea, so it was cool when the wind blows.

And it is neatly landscaped and above all, because the force of the sea water goddess is considerable, it seems to have had a lot of things to see.

Standing here, you can see the Mike Beach Line, which is called the world's six largest beaches, spreading out on the shores of Da Nang. I will tell you later why Miche Beach is the 6th beach and I found that the water is not clean and this is because the beach is incredibly long.

It is a force of ignorantly high sea water passages. I think there are quite a lot of Buddhists in the Vietnamese people. I thought that there was a lot of Catholics because I was a French colony. I heard that many people believe Buddhism because of their geographical location.


There are wild monkeys living in Yeongheung Company. It is formless, not wild. So when I went to Youngheung and met a monkey, I was told that luck was very good. As soon as I entered the precinct, I went to find out where the monkeys were. There were real monkeys. Hehe


It was a lot more than I expected. There were a lot of families of monkeys in the trees in a certain location. It was a lucky atmosphere. Hehe


Because there are quite a lot of good spots for taking pictures, it is almost impossible to take pictures with the surroundings being really clean.

This is really good.

I was lucky ... ᄒ ᄒ ᄒ But then you go to Barn Hill?

I can not take pictures. I have a huge number of people ....


After seeing the sea water gods and wild monkeys at Yeongheung Temple, they come down to Mike Beach.

If you look at the picture above, you can see that it is pointed to white in the right middle? This is the sea water god.

Micheavi is considered as a world-class beach because of the white sand beach along the long coastline.

It is the 6th beach because the coastline that comes at a glance is endlessly connected.

But if you want to take a walk here, avoid day time.

It is recommended to go early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The sandy beach is so hot that you can not get your feet on during the day.


We arrived in the middle of the day and could not get into the sandy beach, so we took pictures from afar.

The sand is too hot to barefoot. I would like to say that it is almost the same level as the iron man. Please go early in the morning or late in the evening.


Still, the kids are supposed to make sandcastles. That's great! Hehe


Did you have five minutes at Mike Beach? Then I went to the restaurant to have lunch right away. This is the restaurant I went to when I visited Da Nang in 2017.


There is a garden like this when you go past the entrance of the restaurant. I thought it was a bit more expensive than other Vietnamese restaurants. It was neatly organized. The restaurant opening time is 11:30 min.


There is also a pond that grows silk carp ...


There is also a place to rest in this shade. My family arrived a little early and waited for a while until opening, but it was cool in the shade. Basically, the fan that runs in the Vietnamese restaurant is completely factory spec, so it is really cool when it starts to turn. Hehe


My daughter looked at the tree and saw that she had flowers. Ha .... you should go under the sunlight ..

For your reference, the food here was the best I ate while I was in Vietnam.


There is a small amount, so make sure you have enough. I think it is a share, and if you let it go a little, it will continue. haha


After meals, cross the bridge and head towards Da Nang Cathedral. As I mentioned earlier, Vietnam was under French rule since the end of the nineteenth century, so it was influenced by western culture in building style and religion.


It is the impressive Da Nang Cathedral. The first thing that comes into your eyes is that it is a pink cathedral.

And palm trees are planted around them, which means they feel like they are in Hawaii.

There is a cathedral in the middle of Da-nang, and it may have been due to my prejudice, but it seemed that it did not seem to fit well.


When I look at the building, I try to make it beautiful and beautiful. The weather was so hot, but our wife took a picture of her favorite photo.


I left a sign in front of the front door of the cathedral. When you are in Da Cang Da, you can enjoy well-ventilated shoes or crocs or comfortable sandals.

It is hot and sweaty in the hands, feet and sweat pores. haha

You can also get your underwear and socks daily + a.


Because my family is also a Catholic, I also pray in front of the Holy Mother in Da Nang Cathedral and have also drank holy water.

I knew for the first time that I could drink the holy water. ㄴ


Perhaps it is the wall that I think I have put the names of the dead priests.

Taking pictures is a good spot, but I really remember what the place really meant, so I just did a little bit of hard work.

If the religion is not the same, I just want to be able to take it easy ^ ^


And the next move is # times. Let's say it's a market.

The moment I got inside, the smell of food, the smell of the tropical fruit, and so on were mixed.

My family came to buy some fruit for dinner this evening. I bought 3 kilos of mango and 1 kilo of mangosteen.

Korea is expensive mango .. (I do not know how it is nowadays .;) So I have eaten a lot of mango. haha


And the locals eat some pickled foods, like hot country, and most of them have a very high level of salads. Even if I go around, I smell salty smell. ^^


We went back to the hotel waiting for the fruit shopping at one time.

The afternoon schedule was all swimming. I have a lot of kids and I want to swim so much.


I will play in the pool like yesterday. The children are supposed to play for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. I recommend you take care if you have any kind of goggles. When I swim there, I saw a lot of foreign children. These guys are three years old. I just dived in a place where I did not even have a foot, so I took a ride with a superman. I thought that I was teaching swimming as soon as I was born. But the problem is that the kids will see it and throw the tube off and swim without them. I think it would be nice if there was a goggle at this time.


I finished the freshwater swimming and swim in the sea, so I took it to the shore, but I did not have it because it was a style that suddenly deepens and the water suddenly deepens. The children were sorry, but the mom and dad were relieved. haha


Surely it was late in the afternoon and it was easy to play, and the wind became less hot. ^^


Hyatt Da Nang Resort is very well landscaped. I have a good course to get up early and jog in the morning .. It seems to be made up of Hotel Ban # Residence half, I think ocean view is probably the most popular room. However, there is a disadvantage of receiving sunlight directly from early in the morning, but I can see sunrise instead.


The 3rd day schedule was finished with the children's swimming, and I went to the massage only for the hopeful people. I think we had good mobility because we had a 12 hour charter. Of course, the shuttle runs in the local massage shop, but it will be a little hard to wait in hot weather. The price is not so expensive, so if you have children especially, please rent one day. The name of the massage shop we went to was # Da Nang Herbal Spa. It is a local shop in Vietnam, but I was very satisfied that I felt very clean and kind, and more importantly, massage. It is an oil massage but it is not burdened at all and it was nice and clean.

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