What Are You Pregnant With?


Talking about Joseph in the bible who God lifted from the prison even to the level of the second in command of the king of Egypt as at then. It is a very common story that many if not all of us know.

Now what I want to point out here is that he was pregnant with God's plan and purpose. He had dreams and visions of him becoming a leader even above his elder brothers and parents and yes, he said it to his brothers which made them hate him greatly and then they sold him out unknowing to them that they only took him a step closer to achieving his dreams.

Its true that he had dreams but what if he did not work towards it, by working towards it here, I mean that he was walking in tune and in line with God. He stood with God eve when Portipher's wife tried to lure him to sin, he remembered God first and flee from such evil act.

So in the process of being pregnant with visions, dreams and purpose, you need to walk closely with God and do what He wants so that your dreams can come to reality.

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