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Lara, a young lady and student of 200 level Mass Communication just got a beautiful android Tecno product phone from her uncle who promised her after she graduated from secondary school, that he was going to get her a phone if only she could get a grade within the 2.1 level, which she did. Her uncle, even though he had forgotten the promised he made back then was so proud of her after she broke the beautiful news to him on seeing her second year second semester result, and made sure he fulfilled the promise even out of his broke status as at that time.

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As a student of Mass Communication, Lara needed to be online to sort out her assignments and also read more of the happening on the internet from time to time so as to be able to conversant with the happening around the world and also to be versatile. Lara is in a state school in Lagos, Nigeria and because of this, she has no restrictions whatsoever with the internet. All she needed to do is to have her phone loaded with data and she's good to go.


Actually, in Nigeria my country, We have one of the largest internet users populations especially in sub-Saharan Africa, with over 89 million citizens always online. This is why even though we have no restrictions on the internet, sometimes the kind of traffic online may cause internet jam. What I mean by traffic is that when too many people are online at exactly the same time. This internet traffic jam again is mostly experienced in the urban part of Nigeria.

But in the rural areas in Nigeria, there could be restrictions on the internet usage because, first of all they are not really social and conversant with the happenings on the internet and then they only need the internet when they have special need for research in certain areas plus the fact that there is really no much network coverage for them to use the internet at all.


I remember when I was serving as a corper in the northern part of Nigeria and we had to go for an excursion to the king of one of the villages which was a rural area. On our way there, we had some challenges with the bus and we needed to call a mechanic to come around to help us fix the bus but no, the network around there will not allow us. Even after we were able to fix it and we got to where we were going, the king asked us some questions which we needed to google but you see, we couldn't. Is it when we are unable to make calls freely that we will now be able to browse anything on the internet? Hell no.

Well talking about internet restrictions in my country, Nigeria, I will like to end on this note to say there is more restrictions on the internet in the rural areas than in the urban areas. Even though the urban areas have been said to have no restrictions, they also have little restrictions due to people traffic in the internet world.

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