Shipping Container House: How much does it cost?

Hello. Hello. Well, this week we're going to talk about something that a lot of people are asking. Yeah. We're going to talk about: how much does it cost to build a shipping container house? So, let's get started. Well, to make it easier to understand we're going to divide all the costs we had until now into step. So, step number 1. Footings. Well. Footings are really specific on our case. We have two footings in one. If you didn't watch yet the episode is here. So... We have an underground footing... on the top of that we have a precast concrete footing, that we just put on place to make the house higher. But that we got it as a donation. That means the only money we need to pay for that was transport to bring all the pieces here. And that costs us an extra 138 dollars. So that means in our case we didn't pay for the entire footing, but that's what we paid. Let's go to step number 2 now. The shipping container itself. Which shipping container did you buy? A 40-foot shipping container high cube (HC). Yeah. So, we have one shipping container and this shipping container could not get to the land because it was too long and the road was like you know like do turns and we couldn't bring like the whole shipping container. When we bought we asked the company to cut it in half and when they cut in half they need to do like a reinforcement around. So, that means we have 3 amounts involved in the shipping container. The shipping container itself, that's the price. The cut and reinforcement, that's the price. And transport, that's the price. With a total of 3230 dollars. That's the full amount for a shipping container, modification, and transport. The third step is cut and welding. Yeah. Once we had the shipping container on the land... you know because it was a long shipping container we cut in half and did and L. When we did that one of the internal walls was closed and one of the outside walls was opened. So, we needed to cut this wall and transferred this wall... I don't need to explain it... you can watch the episode. So after that, we did all the openings. We cut the shipping container in 11 parts, I guess. Like 11 openings. And we weld the metal around. And we also did a junction, the connection between both containers, the 2 parts of the container. We also spent some money doing reinforcements of the junction between both sides of the house. So for that, it was... We can put it here. So basically... The mos... Less one mosquito. Oh, baby. It's all good. It's here. So, to cut the shipping container that's the amount of angle grinder discs we used. So, that's the cutting disc, the grinding disc, flap disc, and the metal brush disc. So, that's the total amount with discs that are cutting. With welding, as you guys know we use MIG welding, that there are gas and wire. So, we spent 25 kilos of wire, plus... I think it was like 4 bottles of gas or 5. 5. 5 bottles of gas. And that's the total for gas. And we needed to buy extra steel, the tubings to do the frame, you know to build the frames around the windows and to do the reinforcement of the junction. And that's the amount we spent on steel. We still have some of these left, you're going to use in the future, and we also used the steel to do the support of the roof in the wooden deck. So that's the total amount. We are not including here all the painting because that's going to be an extra section of the total. So let's go to number 4. Doors and windows. Doors and windows. So we divided into an entry door and... Hunting? I'm hunting mosquitos today. And... the wooden door we included the door frame, the hinges, the handle, and the wooden finishing. Of the outside. The inside we didn't do yet. So basically yeah. So... No painting. So, that's what includes and that's the amount we paid for the wooden part of... for the door. Aluminum windows and doors. Aluminum windows and doors. The total is this total, I'm not. I don't remember, but I think it's 10. And the total cost is this. So. The installation. Because this price we've just said before is just for the windows and doors. That's it. But to install it, we still needed to buy polyurethane and expandable foam and other stuff. Screws. And that's the price we paid for all the installation part. And we used 7 cans of expandable foam and 6 bottles of polyurethane and a few screws. And the total is this. That's the total for all the doors all the windows and all the installation. That's the price. Not counting painting again. Now we can talk about painting. The painting we are counting all the paintings we had until now. So basically we divided into categories of paint, of all sorts: metal, wood, everything together. Yeah. Plastic. So primer, that was the amount. Rust converter. That's the amount. Thinner. We used 7 liters of thinner so far. And thinner is not just to mix with the paint but also to clean... all sort of things. That's the thinner. Synthetic enamel. Synthetic enamel includes the gray one, that we painted the metal. Not this one, but the windows and it's going to be the color of the shipping container in the future. And the white one and we painted the door. Black matte vinyl. Black matte vinyl we used for the roof and we used for the supports of the roof. Asphalt paint. It's basically for the roof. We used 6.3 liters of asphalt paint total in the roof. And that's the total of painting, it's up to 295. That's... The other thing is... We spent more than we should on painting because we didn't use every single can we bought. Like primer, we still have like you know half of one bottle half of another one half... Because we changed the kind of primers we used. But we still are going to use it in the future you know. It's not that we used the whole thing but we still have leftovers to use in the future. Now we are going to talk about the deck. The deck, roof, and gutter. That's what we've been working on for like... I don't know almost two months now. So, that's I don't know it was almost the price of the shipping container itself. Yeah. So, we have the roof itself, the aluminum, aluzinc. Yeah. The roof, the main roof is made out of aluzinc and there's like four small corners that we did on aluminum. And the total of an aluzinc and aluminum plus EPS and glue. Altogether was a total of $550. More the pressure-treated pine that we used to support the roof. Yeah, we had some stripes of wood to support the roof that cost $71 (not 72). Metallic asphalt tape. That's basically to seal the connection between the wood in the and the roof. That was 45 meters by 10 centimeters, and that costs us U$46. Yeah. The beams and the joists. Yeah. That was the structural part of the roof, that's all Angelim and that costs us U$677. The pressure-treated pine for decking. Yeah. That's just only the decking, just the top part of the wooden deck. That costs us U$615. Plus 18 liters of stain. Yeah. We thought we were going to use a lot less strain. But the first coat of stain the wood just you know... Absorbs a lot. Absorbs so much. It's like a drunken wood. But it drinks only stain. That was U$221 just for stain. And we still didn't finish it. We still have some stain to buy. Yeah. Happens. Metal brackets. The brackets that connect the beams to the joists we decide... That we made it. We made it, yeah. And that the cost was the metal and the painting was added to the painting already. So, that's the metals for the L, like the L-shaped metal. And that was U$32. Screws. Oh! Screws. So far on the roof and the deck we used... Guava. We used around 2,600 screws and that costs us U$96. The wooden filler for the wood. Oh, yeah. The filler is $5. The gutter system. Yeah. The gutter system only the pipes, you know, the plastic parts. That was U$116. The painting is included in painting already. So, the deck, the roof and the gutter we spent. All together, U$2,430. Yeah. 2,430 dollars. That's the total amount for the wooden deck, the gutter, and the roof. But, we did include the finishing around the joist and underneath the joist. We're going to still have some more wood. That I think we're going to spend like some maybe U$200. Something like that. And then we're going to finish the whole thing. Maybe, in the end, it's going to be like U$2,600 the whole roof and deck. Hopefully. Now, miscellaneous. Yeah. The thing is... that's all we spent, but we have a lot of miscellaneous stuff, like gloves... Masks. Drills and sandpapers and all sorts of small things that don't go anywhere else. So that we spent like U$523 (actually U$677) on this extra stuff. So, the whole house. That, so... yeah. We can put the whole thing here. So, that's how much the house cost. And the total price is this one U$9,927. So, we can put like U$10,000. You know, give and take it's just around U$10,000. And about the equipment. Oh, yeah. We bought all our equipment. It's not fair to add this price of equipment on the house. But just so you guys know... we spent U$4,185 in equipment. But that's all things that we can sell later when we finish the house. The total amount was like something between $14,000 and $15,000 so far. And that includes the shipping container on the location with all the windows and doors installed, with the roof in the wooden deck. And painted. And painted. Not the shipping container, the roof, the wooden deck. So, there is no furniture yet, there is no plumbing yet. The inside is... Yeah, there's no plumbing, there is no electric part. The inside is empty. So, we need to do all the inside parts. Yeah. How much is the total going to cost? We don't know yet. It could be cheaper? It could be. Oh, yeah. What we spent now could be cheaper. Yeah, for sure. I don't know. Let us know if you think we spent too much money or if it's still cheap. What do you think?. If it's good, you think it's bad. Oh! For Brazilians, because you know a lot of Brazilians watch the video, the dollar we use... Because we are in Brazil, so we spent everything on our money, that's Real. So, we spent the money, not in dollars, we converted to dollars the price. So, in Brazil, you just multiply it by 3.25 and that's the amount you get. So basically just get U$14,000 times 3.25 and you get the real Brazilian price. People always ask how much it's going to cost in the end. We don't know yet. We expect to get the total price between $15,000 and $20,000, not counting equipment. But who knows. It might be cheaper, it might be a little bit more expensive. We, I don't know. It's just like a guess. And... For next week. For next week we're going to finish the wooden deck, hopefully. The reason why we didn't show you guys the roof, the wooden deck today is because we don't want to show you two weeks in a row the same thing. You know like... We're still painting it. We're still painting it and right now what you're going to do is the same thing we did on the other side. But we are trying to get it better. We have some things to improve. Yeah, we didn't like the idea of you know doing an episode about half of the wooden deck. But that was good because we use you used some of the comments from last week's video and we are fixing some stuff for the second part of the... We are improving the second part. It's always like that... the first half of the house is not as good as the second half, because we learn there and we fix on, you know. Happens. For next week hopefully we're going to have more progress on the wooden deck. Hopefully. If it doesn't rain, because this week it is just raining a lot. But, we'll get there. And, I guess.... See you guys next week. 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