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Atelier 34zero Muzeum

When arriving at Atelier 340, you first encounter the garden area. Here you will find three animal cages containing ducks, chickens and rabbits. On the green grass area, it is possible to take a seat among the tables and chairs. Also, in the background, there is a big poster with the centre’s exhibition artefacts. The area is presented as the “Advertising for a work of art” project.

When entering the museum, you’re faced with the food menu since a café has been incorporated with the museum. On the menu, there are several dishes and drinks from the Polish cuisine. They are carefully prepared by one of the owners, who lived in Poland before he moved to Belgium. In the café, you can order organic juices in different flavours typical of the Central European agricultural landscape – beetroot, cucumber and carrots.

The museum itself contains two main rooms where the exhibition artefacts are held. Most of the pieces are framed photos, including some with funny and provocative motives such as “Jette by the sea” and a naked woman hanging on a chain along with the pigs in a meatpacking plant. There are also other artworks, such as a Belgian flag made of toilet paper rolls.

As a visitor, you can also take a seat and read books on art while enjoying a drink. Among the literature, you can find books about sculptures, contemporary art and older art, for example, from Poland during the 1990s. There are also post-cards with various subjects, some of them capturing provocative and bizarre moments. The museum also has a publishing house.

In overall, a visit to Atelier 340 is recommended if you’re looking to relax and enjoy culture for a few moments. Also, it can feel extra cosy to visit a museum that is outside of the city centre and closer to the greener areas of the town.

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