The World must hear of You !!!

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His Brothers knew that he has been sold, even dead & no more among the living. His brothers began to hate him at his age of 17 when he has been sending bad reports on their brothers to his father, Jacob. What aggrevated his hatred was when his father sewed smock cloth for him, as the last born child on the heart of his father. The hatred grew more and more when the young boy were having vision upon vision which came to past. His brothers didn't know that those qualities could be revealed for the World to hear him. His brothers were doing this to get rid of him from their lives so that he doesn't over rule them. Surprisingly, what God has written no man can change it, unless permitted, so the gentleman was sold, suffered in many trials and temptations from Potiphar, but at the end "the whole World heard him."(Read Genesis 37:1-36; 39:1-23; 41:1-57; 42:1-38)

Your beginning may be small as Joseph and disrespected, you may be looked down upon. Many people may be disregard you in many ways, but don't lose hope there World must hear of you, the kind of person you & come to you for help. Joseph became a Minister in charge of food, controlling the distribution of selling of food. Since in those days food were scarced, so famine hit many places of the World & many people were in hunger walking long kilometres for food. His brothers who took no mercy to handle Joseph in those days came & beg for food, but Joseph rather had mercies for them, gave them food free of charge.

Before the World can hear of us, one, we must know God. There are many of us who have heard the name Almighty God, but haven't submitted their whole life for him. Joseph first feared God, that was why he was sending bad reports that their brothers were engaging in to his father Jacob. Secondly, we must have a vision. The dream that Joseph was having in the Spiritual context was vision. Because the book of Joel in the Old Testament memtioned it that in the last days, most of us will dream. And the kind of dream that Joseph was having was in the form of vision since any time he dreams it comes to past & again he was able to interpret that dream. Many of us don't have vision, since we think of irrelevant things which God doesn't require them to communicate with us. We must also keep ourselves from sins, for the World to here us. Potiphar's wife tried to lure Joseph, but he did not allow himself, he abtained himself from doing. Anyone who humbly obey God is lifted high among his people.