The Priority Of Teachers Conditions Of Service-Salary Incentives || Teacher Unions In Ghana Call For Strike

Hi Guys and everybody around in Steem Ecosystem, again with you in this World Unrest News. We wana travel World-wide to bring you updates of authentic news concerning this occurrence. Many of are we that are affected by some of these protests circulating everywhere, of course some of these are just minor.

I am in Ghana now, and over here, Teacher unions; that is #GNAT, #GNATHRAT, #CCT and #INNOVATIVE have called for "Strike" since yesterday. This strike is as a result of some of the conditions of service for Teachers that the Government is playing hide-and-seek with the Teachers. Every Government that comes leaves the Teachers with fake and unfulfilled promises. Among some of these conditions which have long been neglected by the Government are "unpaid arrears which have been accumulated for the passed years," "irregular payment of incremental jump," "withholding of all forms of promotions," *"lack of allowances (lesson notes preparation, chalkboard writing allowance, co-curricular activities allowance, rent allowance etc). There are many other conditions which have been neglected by Government leaving the Teachers with meagre salary resulting to poor living conditions.

The Teachers always live with hand-to-mouth system, leaving other responsibilities, such as saving his/her salary to build a house, buy a car, acquire land, open other businesses, sponsoring his/her children education and many other things. The only source of income or capital to aid the Teacher in Ghana to accomplish all these task is to apply for loan. But ideally, loans are for expansion of projects that can bring additional income, but not meant that cannot generate money! So, always, the professional teacher works for the financial institution who give out loans, since the Teacher has to use his salary to settle loan debts. It is normally sad to see a professional teacher who have worked for about 35years not having a single bedroom or a room to lay his/her head. Not that maybe he/she is spendrift, but the conditions in which he/she finds himself or heself wouldn't permit that, meanwhile, he/she has passion for tje teaching. Imagine how the fuel prices and tasks are draining every public worker or salary work!, utility bill and other miscellaneous items which are sometimes uncalculated or unbudgeted for all compound to large portion of your salary.

The economical growths should have matched with workers salary, and the Government needs to take all these factor into consideration. If fuel prices are jumping higher and higher, and teachers salaries are low, how can they survive? Definitely they will also try to cut their coat according to their sizes, and that explains why teaching and learning not effective in Ghana recently. Peoductivity in the educational sector is going down currently. Government too are unable to monitor strictly because of unfulfilling promises and responsibilities for teachers. I believe if the stakeholders in education taking their responsibility well, the Ghana education can move forward. Government the first stakeholder who should first be blamed, because if he does every thing and monitoring are effective, teachers, parents and students will also work hard.

It is sometimes very pathetic that educational structures in Ghana have destroyed to this extent, meanwhile, many Ghana education has been able to raised a lot of prominent personalities, such as: Kofi Anna- The UN secretary General, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah- The First President of Ghana who gained Independent for Ghana, Dr. Kwaku Abrefah Busia, and so many people who held many positions in the World. Even, in those days, education was free from charges of fees up to University, but today education is very expensive to get. You have to spend millions of Ghana CEDI's to acquire University Degree as professional teacher, and if all these money are not profited it means every thing has gone in vain.

One thing that Government do not take Teachers serious if ineffective striking by Teacher Unions. In Ghana, the Teachers do not have one body that stand united, we have about 4 Teacher Unions have different ideologies and missions to go on strike. So if union "A" is with peculiar mission, unions "B, "C," and "D"* would say we don't hold those missions, so we wont join the strike and others would be in the class room teaching. But if the needs are satisfied by Government all the teachers enjoy. Due to this divisions, Government always take teachers for granted. Because if he sees others on strike while others are in classooms, then how effective is the strike? All said and done, I entreat the Government to address issues with effects. Thank you friends and welcome to protest news trending in Ghana.

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