Cling To Him Tightly, Don't Lose Him!

Dear Brothers and friends, many are we that have been seeking favor from God Almighty, forgeting that we must first cling to him tightly and firmly before we can win more favor. The Bible in Deuteronomy Chapter 10 vs 20 of KJV says: "Thou shalt fear the Lord thy God; him shalt thou serve, and to him shalt thou cleave, and swear by his name." God is the only one we can forever trust of He being our refuge and mediator in all actions. Though we can lean on our neighbour, trust him and finally he can betray us. We can be hatred and abondoned financially and love. No matter the degree we embed our hopes in humans, they are uncomparable to God, the beginer and the end.
But, there're many people who show little affection or no affection with God Almighty. We can never rely on our own wisdom and forsake Jah in that manner. What are the extent of our wisdom and knowledge? God is the creator of wisdom and all knowledge that has no ending and search not. Our brain and wisdom that we normally hit our chest of having were created by Almighty God. However, we render no accounts for him using that brains and wisdom for creativity, money and harnessing our planet. We don't even dream or reflect on what God Almighty used to build this brain, that is si magic;keeping, recording and cabaging out the irrelevant information or the waste. Still, human beings doubt even how computer was made, why it is able to execute it task perfectly, but have consider how the brain, which is the master of the computer was made? Well, human beings in this case are described as immitators of God, yet, we still praise humans instead of God Almighty.

In all these arrongance portrayed by human beings so far, God doesn't bother haven neglectted to offer him praises, He is still Jah!, whether we appreciate him or not. But, blessed would be those who will cling to Him, see Him as refuge and honour him adorations. Blessed would be those who will say thank you God for helping ti see the sparklings of the bright day light. Because the Almighty God wakes us every blessed day. Blessed are those who will recognise as his protector, whiles they have indeed saved from fatal accident which could have led him died.

Beloved, clinging oneself in totality is give the whole body, which comprises emotions, feelings, desire willingness, mind and heart to another thing. So, clinging to God means we are giving our whole body; including our minds and hearts to God. In that case, what He likes should ne our like, and what He hates we must also hate. We must obey all His instructions and follow him. Hia commandment should be our ultimate treasures in life. God's words should our life and must reflect in our activities till we are being called into his Glory.

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