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Hi Brothers and Sisters in Christ we should always be applauded in unity. One of the good practices that Apostle Paul admonished us to share with our neighbours irrespective of any divisions among us. Why then should we continue to be cheerful in unity whiles our neighbours unabaited flout upon our rights, what at all are we going to gain? Yes, although this is difficult to understand by human nature, yet there are more good things believers who obey this principles are going to enjoy.
"I appeal to you, dear brothers and sisters,[a] by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, to live in harmony with each other. Let there be no divisions in the church. Rather, be of one mind, united in thought and purpose."(1 Corinthians 10:1NIV)
Apostle Paul, one of the enlightened and Master of theorogy knew how petinent to put ourselves together as a unit, as a community with even different ethnic background. After all what is mankind after in this World? Having acquired much for what it takes for living, we shall one day turn a ghost and who would take our possessions would be our past story. We learn much here in Paul's teachings of unity; "we should unite in mind, thoughts and purpose." The whole World is made up of of group of communities, societies or formation of one common thing, at least you will see some element of one aspiration or belief. For instance we have different ethnic groups, each comprising group of people with one language. We also have families with common who share comom blood. We have Clans who also have one common thing that cannot be separated. We communities, districts, countries, continents and the World. These groups that I have mentioned shows that we have something in common to talk about. Our work places, we work as a team, we hold meetings to agree on common issues. This is the more reason why Apostle Paul is suggesting that in minds and thoughts we should be in unity. If we have differences among us how can we decide on one common thing and work effectively to increase productivity? In minds and thoughts, unity is needed in every field, not in our churches alone. Because, those that form church are we the individuals, and we must build the unity at every segment of our lives, not in churches alone.
In purpose, we must unite, whether being in our work places or churches. The purpose that the churches have is to preach the gospel for many unbelievers to accept and follow Christ. Our purpose to evangelize for many people to repent can't work effectively if we don't put ourselves together. Our goals to proclaim the name of Christ to the far end of the World can only be built if we work with one common purpose. For instance @steemchurch has the vision to spread the gospel to free people from the corrupt World and injustice, and this could happen if we are united with one common purpose. Our purpose to move steem to to extra milestone and to the moon can't be shield if we have one common purpose with unity it will surely come to past.

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