What services does our project offer to the holders of our Sphere token?

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The circle.

This blockchain clearly focuses on its investors, favoring them greatly; carrying out a totally attractive and dynamic business approach, promoting marketing campaigns attracting the attention of new potential investors. This implies an unprecedented expansion in the part of our tokens and cryptocurrencies such as: EOS, ETH, TRX, LTC, BTC., BYTES ..), tokens of the same Steem Engine ecosystem (ENG, PAL, CCC and NEOXAG) and in tokens of some EOS dapps (BOID and KARMA).

One of the services provided by this platform for its large investors is that they have the right to a daily vote for life, they also receive a percentage of their vote in favor, this will depend on the amount of chips they have, and the vote in favor will be greater the greater the quantity. This percentage of positive voting will be directly associated with the total number of tokens issued that year.

When you invest in our token it is a way to change your STEEM, providing you with a series of advantages, both for the investor and for the community. People and many projects that will enjoy an aerial launch of our token and discounts will be made for their pre-sale purchase for a week.

Free monthly draws are held and offers a cumulative Jackpot system, which gives 40% of the profits generated with the purchase of tokens and the taxes of the delegations. To be eligible to obtain this distribution of funds, the investor must be in possession of at least 8,000 Spheres before the end of the year.

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