Solar Eclipse in Capricorn AstroTalk


Solar eclipse with new moon in Capricorn ✨

On South Node with Pluto , Jupiter
Is a new starting point
A 35 years cycle , ending to start a new one
In February 2020 it will the end of a 800 years cycle
A square to Kiron is very personal and much fears can come up
Because yes it is somehow difficult to start a brand new life in and out
Mars is still in Scorpio pressing on the hard points
Venus helps to create and build new relationships that can last
Put the pieces together and see where we have positives and negatives
And take it all in the basket and make it a strong structure

Photography by opidia

2019 has been the year of transition , that is why it was so hard
We need now to do things right , with all the excitement
Venus square Uranus brings unexpected events in relationships
Breaking or making contracts is to be expected
We do things differently with people now and taking it to a new level
This solar eclipse is really the starting point of 2020
Year Number 4 in Numerology
Questions are , why we do things this way ?
Many retrogrades in 2020 with eclipses in summer time
A lot will be going on and many more details will show up
We will readress , rethink , reshape , revise more and more .
It will take time , be wise and patient .

May your Holidays , New Moon / Solar eclipse bring you much Visionary futur .


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