Collage contest by georgeboya


Collage Contest by @georgeboya

I Adore Collage and Digital Art
this is one of my collection
a Collection i builded in many years
This passion is to me one of the best .
To celebrate the first contest i share that one

BIRTH of Consciousness

through hell 2 igit.jpg



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04.01.2020 21:21

It looks very beautiful and so full of details:) Thank you for taking part in the contest:)

05.01.2020 07:03

My pleasure George .

09.01.2020 17:27

It was hard to perceive the image when I first saw it but there is a nice symbolism in content. I wonder about your mood while making this. What kind of music do you listen? =)

09.01.2020 01:37

Well ... I would not know how to describe my mood while doing it but as far as music i like many different styles . Dark or happy , jazz and rock mostly .
I am very sensitive to words too .

09.01.2020 17:26

I really like this. Great concept. A lot of texture, both visually and conceptually. Wonderful job.

11.01.2020 05:55

Thank you for your appreciation !

11.01.2020 16:49