So the fake virus was "created" in Canada
Bought by and sold to Bill Gates

USA has now builded 5 Huge Facilities

I share with you a photo LIVE , it was taken 2 days ago in Thailand
Everyone there already wear masks ( which are worldwide almost out of stock )
Great business by the way , we are talking of hundreds of millions of dollars .

Private photo from a friend

As we speak , the whole phenomenal is taking a ridiculous ampleur
And you better buy now what you need in terms of basic stuff
( food ) chocolates and what ever you fancy and is still affordable .
Gas , lighters etc... something to cleanout the water without electricity , but rather batteries
And little solar panels .
Soon enough the borders ( few months probably ) will be closed so we wont travel and buy as easily as we can now .

And to make life lighter than all these scum news here is a message from china

More bad news from China :


​Makes me want to cry!
Especially the part where it says 汦睯攺正瀻獯瑩


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