ASTROTALK ECLIPSE WINDOW 26th of Dec to 10th of Jan

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It is SO deep

Art by opidia

We are , as i write , in an eclipse window
From the 26th of December to the 10th of January
Anything that you feel within you
Anything that is happening in your life
Is very important to look in a serious way
Your thoughts , your actions
It is like a portal opening on a brand new chapter ,
a very long chapter is now opening , while we left the old skin behind .
You must trust and follow your intuition
You must conquer the fears and go forward in that portal
Technically we cant just stop it or turn around
But we need to process this reality of a new life
We need to process the very deep and new perception

All that is happening is very tangible , palpable
The stellium in Capricorn is there and we will close the eclipse window
On the 10th when all the planets are dancing together finally
It is emotional and real
It is once in a lifetime over lifetimes .
it is now .

May you open your heart , body and mind to the new sky .


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I really, really like that picture!

04.01.2020 18:13

it is my digital art i did today for the astro , i am happy you like it

04.01.2020 19:38